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October 3, 2017

US Property – Worth Playing Your Trump Card?

Buying Property Investment Overseas is definitely worth the investigation. What's appealing about the US property market is generally, the low price points, starting at approximately $25,000. Very attractive to Australian investors. With pricing like this you think you can’t lose. Well, I will tell you can, and people do. More than ever, working with trusted experts, is essential.
September 19, 2017

Go it Alone or Save it for GROUP PROPERTY BUYING.

We are talking Group Property Buying. Buying solo may not be a viable option at this stage in your life,but you still want to get into the market. That's where Group Property Buying can make all the difference. Not only does it give you an opportunity to get into the market and learn through experience, but at the same time you are building equity (if purchase well) and a network for people that will help you in continuing to grow your ownership. It's also a good means of managing risk. This well could be a stepping stone to complete ownership.
September 19, 2017

Earth to Perth! Is it Worth a Look In?

Is Perth worth a look in? A big thumbs down from me for investing in Perth. It’s a great place to visit and the people are super friendly and give you the time of day. But dropping your cash in Perth at this moment in time, I would recommend against this move. For My reasons to stay away keep reading.
September 5, 2017

Should I Go Regional?

Going regional?? My recommendation would be to stay away from investing in regional areas. I personally wouldn’t be investing, and I wouldn’t advise my clients to do so either. This is based on two things: the level of safety of regional property investment and securing optimal returns. Both of which I believe regional property doesn’t deliver on.
September 5, 2017

The Positives About Negative Gearing

From where I sit there are not a lot of positives about negative gearing. I made the mistake of negative gearing when I first entered the property market 15 years ago. I am now a lot more experienced and knowledgeable, and hence see negative gearings as not the best property investing strategy to undertake. You may be playing the 'tax element', but it can work more against you then for you.
September 5, 2017

Spring into Sydney. Smell the Roses, but Do Your Homework

Sydney auction clearance rate is slightly down. But before we make assumptions that the Sydney market isn’t performing as well as it was, take note of the increase in the number of properties listed and the fact that there are less buyers in the market. And don't take notice of everything you see and read. Do your homework and discern between what's media smoke / speculation and what is actual fact. Stay away from regional areas unless you have done a very thorough investigation, and more so if this is your firs property investment.
August 22, 2017

What is Rentvesting?

The old, buy where you can afford and live where you can’t. The no strings attached. The liberation of not being tied to a specific address. Creating a home, without the home ownership. This rentvesting. You rent out your place of ownership and then also rent. This provides you with more living option, saving options, and balancing your financials situation for a longer term gain.
August 22, 2017

Adelaide Property Market – is it the poor Uncle?

The Adelaide market, tends to increase at a steady pace, with consistent growth each year of around 2-4% (on average). Adelaide puts on a good show on why Adelaide isn't the poor uncle. Buying in Adelaide should be dependent on your property portfolio strategy. There is a very good chance it's won't be your first best option.
August 22, 2017

Property Investing Strategy – Does one size fit all?

Property Investing Strategy - One Size Fits all? Absolutely not and never should it. My advice is to leave the 'one size fits all' approach to buying apparel. And to be honest, after seeing a personal stylist (hope you noticed!!) this isn’t a very good idea either. Everyone is different. That's why going to one person who only does one thing, can come unstuck, as this one thing they do, may not work well with your story of past, present and future. I always recommend you start wide, look at the products, and then narrow in on what is the most suitable, after getting a feel for each. Work with someone that has expansive experience.
August 9, 2017

‘Old School’ Thinking when it comes to Property Investing.

Now this isn't a slog at 'Old School' thinking and way of doing things. For many things, the 'Old School' formulas work over and over again. My point is here, that sometimes, 'old school' thinking can keep us in place that doesn't allow us to open up and change. Resulting in letting other opportunities bypass - because only know one way of doing things. When it comes to property investment, it really pays to listen to the experts. Family and friends may have opinions on this subject, but if you want to optimise your approach to be really successful, then be aware of 'old school' ideas that may limit you! Watch the video to find out my top 3 myths around investing in property.