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Brisbane’s Airbnb Crackdown – What it Means for Investors

In a significant move aimed at addressing the housing crisis, Brisbane City Council has announced that Airbnb and other short-stay accommodations will now require a permit to operate. This decision follows recommendations to tackle the burgeoning short-stay market, which boasts about 4,430 active listings in Brisbane. Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner accepted these recommendations during his pre-election budget speech, highlighting the need for greater accountability and planning approvals for short-stay operators.

The new permit system mandates that short-stay property owners must seek planning approvals, secure body corporate support, and maintain a 24/7 property manager. Properties that fail to meet these requirements will be forced back onto the long-term rental market. This measure is expected to alleviate the tight rental market in Brisbane, which recently became the second-most expensive capital city in Australia according to a PropTrack report.

Boosting Long-Term Rental Supply

The most immediate impact of the new regulations will be on the supply of long-term rental properties. By requiring short-stay accommodations to obtain permits and adhere to stringent requirements, many properties currently operating as short-term rentals will be forced back onto the long-term rental market. The council has already identified at least 420 properties that will no longer be able to operate as short-stays, with hundreds more potentially facing the same fate.

For real estate investors, this shift means a likely increase in the availability of rental properties. In a market like Brisbane, where the vacancy rate is just 0.9%, and rents have surged by 9.3% over the past year, an influx of long-term rentals could help alleviate some of the pressure on the rental market. Investors with properties that transition from short-term to long-term rentals might find themselves in a strong position to attract tenants quickly, given the high demand for rental housing. In all likelihood, these measures will stabilise Brisbane’s incredible recent rental growth and help to ease vacancy rates.

Regulatory Compliance and Costs

While the new regulations offer potential benefits, they also bring additional costs and compliance requirements for investors who wish to continue operating short-stay accommodations. The need for planning approvals, body corporate support, and a 24/7 property manager introduces new layers of complexity and expense. Additionally, short-stay owners will face increased rates and an annual fee, reflecting the commercial nature of their operations.

These costs are designed to deter some investors from pursuing or continuing short-term rental operations, prompting a reassessment of their property portfolios. Investors will need to weigh the potential returns of short-stay accommodations against the added regulatory burdens and costs.

Broader Market Implications

Brisbane’s regulatory changes could have ripple effects across the broader real estate market, both locally and nationally. Brisbane is not unique in its need for greater housing affordability, and other states may take note and implement similar measures. New South Wales is already considering a short-term accommodation levy, and Victoria has introduced a 7.5% tax on Airbnbs. A trend towards stricter regulation of short-stay accommodations could emerge, leading to a more uniform regulatory environment across Australia.

For real estate investors, this potential shift underscores the importance of staying informed about local and state regulations. Adapting investment strategies to comply with new laws and optimize returns will be crucial. Current and prospective investors need to consider the potential impact of a sudden influx of long-term rental properties being reintroduced the market, both in terms of cash flow and capital growth, as supply rapidly increases.

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