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Buying Property Before & After Christmas… Tis the Season?

Whilst the masses are hitting the 24-hour shopping nights, you could be hitting the property
market. It’s a great idea if you are thinking about making a move. People literally go off the
grid over Christmas, new year and summer. They want to take it easy. Live the Australian
Dream – surf and cocktails, until February comes and so does the credit card bill.

There is a lot less competition during the holiday period. Less people means more time for
you. More time to build relationships with agents. You get to explore all your questions and
get to the bottom of why someone is selling, of which you can use in your negotiations.

Do your research on the agents that are opened between 18 December and 8 January. For
me personally this is prime time. You have to be ready to go, and go fast. No time for
procrastinators. Get in and get a result. That’s the type of buyers that pick-up great buys.

In preparation get your team ready to go. Your mortgage broker, accountant,
conveyancer/solicitor, building and pest inspector. Know that you can press the button right
away if the opportunity presents itself. The big one is the lending provider. Check that they
can transact the loan during this time.

If you can buy time in the cooling-off period, do so. So you can build in a buffer in the event
there is a delay with the finance transaction and pest and building reports.

People who are selling during this the holiday season tend to be more motivated. They want
to move on the sale relatively quickly. This presents another negotiation opportunity. This,
and the reduced amount of competition.

Ho Ho Ho!