it's the people that make the party. - searchpartyproperty

it’s the people that make the party.

Date: Friday, 5th July

Time: 6pm - 7.30pm.

Place: Bella Vista Hotel

Price: $20 Ticket Price

Property Seminar

We are back on at The Bella Vista Hotel for our bi-monthly Feet Up Friday. A night where we discuss property investing, connect with new people and have a bit of fun.

Post the supposedly 'unthought' of election results... how will this impact the property market in the next 3 years? We are seeing a lot of properties go to market and a lot of property investors take advantage of the recent falls in property pricing. Are they snapping bargains or will we see the market continue to fall? What is the best approach to take as a property investor given the current situation?

Should you wait and see or dive in? Join us at Feet Up Friday to flesh out your thinking. We promise you the awareness, knowledge, experience and disposition of the Property Investors in the room will have a flow on effect to your thinking and sentiment and have a bigger impact on your life than an episode of Married At First Sight!

We will be running with the following format for the night:

1. PROPERTY TRIVIA.Where we break up in teams and answer 5 questions about property. Both current and historic. This is proving to be a great ice-breaker. Gets the room connected very early on in the evening.

2. CURRENT STATE OF PLAY. An brief overview of what is happening in our local and global worlds. Very topline, but helps the mind think laterally.

3. ROUND THE GROUNDS - PROPERTY. Luke Moroney, from Search Party Property, takes us through the property market. This is a great overview / Round the Grounds of what’s happening. He delivers both a top line and ‘on the ground’ perspective. Primarily, he will discuss what’s happening in Australia. However, the international market influences, if relevant to Australia property investors, may also receive some air-time.

4. ROUND THE GROUNDS - FINANCE. Kyle Manson from CFC Finance, takes us through the Financial market. What the banks are expected to be doing in the coming future and how this will impact lending for property investors. Also very importantly, how property investors should set-up and plan their next 12 months. Changing mortgages, selling down, buying - how you can best optimise and protect your situation with the future market predictions.

5. PROPERTY DEALS. Luke Moroney from Search Party Property, is talking deals. He will take the audience through two property deals - covering specifically, the property, what type of investor this is suitable for, the negotiation opportunity, the long term growth opportunities.


1. To be announced

2. To be announced

Throughout the night, there will be drinks (beer, wine and soft drink) and Pizza served.

Location: Bella Vista Hotel, 13-15 Lexington Drive, Bella Vista.

Cost: $20 per person.