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Interview Mykolas Kaliaclus – Finance Broker

I get to talk to lots of people who are in the business of building property investment portfolios.

A trusted and knowledgeable finance broker is one of the most important partners you can have during this journey.

Today I’m talking to Mykolas Kaliacius  from CFC Finance, and we’re discussing:

  • A little about Mykolas
  • His own investing experience
  • What skills to look for in a finance broker?
  • What are the difficulties in the finance market place – currently?

Some of the things you might want to consider when you are putting together your team to help you with your investment strategy could be –

  • Have any of your friends or contacts worked with the finance broker?
  • Can they demonstrate their skill through their own portfolio
  • Who else will be involved to make sure you have a smooth customer experience
  • What can they teach you about the process

When it comes to Property Investing, Always ask the questions, Explore the possibilities, and Think Differently.

I can help you navigate this. Why not give me a call to set up an initial meeting to talk about your situation, and start your property investing conversation.