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The Freedom of Holidays. How Can You Keep this Going?

How Property Investing can FREE YOU?

1. Building a property portfolio, over time, with good structures, assistance, a strong team, gives you more choices in life.

2. It’s about building a portfolio that has growth and cash flow for you to live off as a solid income stream. Versus staying in a high or low paying job that doesn’t satisfy you.

3. When starting out I believe, it’s about looking for growth as the first priority and cash flow as second priority. As long as you buffers in place, and you cover the expenses. This approach sets you up for the long term.

4. The work involved in managing your property portfolio is minimal to the return of creating a passive income and the life and lifestyle you can create as a result.

Everyone always asks me: How do you manage a portfolio of properties? The answer: With the help of my team, which frees up a lot of my time.

Generally, you can expect: Property managers will mostly email information to you, asking about a repair or new tenant enquiry.  Property statements are received once a month and can be recorded into your accounts whenever you see fit (which is normally monthly or sometimes left until tax time).

5. You can run your property portfolio from anywhere. ‘You could join the growing list of ‘Laptop Warriors’ who run their business and/or investments from anywhere in the world. ‘Feet Up Friday’ everyday!!!

6. With the choices, and without the restrictions of a 9-5 job, property investing gives you the ability and time to work on exploring and developing your passions and purpose.

7. Once you get a taste of the potential freedom property can bring you, your motivation to be completely free continues to grow, along with the momentum… which gets you closer to achieving freedom.

8. You can take holidays any time of the year, and not have to wait for Christmas, New Years, Easter or for your Boss to approve your leave.

9. Think about how you feel before you go on holidays, how you feel while you are there, how you feel when you are about to return, and how you feel when you go back to work? What feeling do you want more of? When are you at your best? Questions that Property Investing can help with providing a solution for.

10. New Energy. You start to see things differently. Take more responsibility for yourself and your life… which sounds scary, but in actual fact, it liberates you. You feel more empowered and less reliant on ‘controlled systems’.

A Plan of Attack for First Time Property Investors