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Group Property Buying – or Go It Alone

Group Property Buying

We are talking Group Property Buying. Everyone wants to own their own property investments, but at the same time you also have to think about how you can best maximise your return. A key way to maxmise return is to play to the market conditions.

We are in a time of ‘light lending conditions’, that is, Lenders holding the reins tight on the amount, criteria and the number of properties. This could provide an opportune time to invest your dollars in group property buying.

Group buying isn’t anything new. It’s very common in share portfolios. All our super is managed in a group buying capacity. Group buying provides a lot more room and means of getting into the property market and also managing your investment risk.

This is a good strategy for First Time Property Investors. If you don’t have the whole deposit to buy on your own, this will get you into the market a lot quicker. Which means you are also building your wealth a lot quicker too.

The Golden Rule when Group Buying is the importance of having an initial agreement and structure created and written up by a solicitor. This is to ensure that all parties are protected if any type of situation is to occur.

I personally believe that this is a powerful way to get the ball rolling for First Time investors. Once you get involved in the process, not only are you on the path to growing wealth, but you are first hand learning the market and the lessons that come with being a property owner.

If you talk to any property investor they will tell you that getting into the market as soon as possible is the best way forward. You can start to build your knowledge bank, which leads to increased confidence in continuing the journey.

If you would like to talk Group Property Buying, or anything and everything property, let’s connect.