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Why Should I Use a Buyer’s Agent?

Here at Search Party Property, we pride ourselves on the quality of the service we deliver. However, we know that not everyone understands the role we play or appreciates the value we can provide.

To help address this, we want to outline exactly what it is that we do. As part of this, we will explore the unique skills and insight our team possess and can share with you. We will also take a closer look at how we can support you to become a successful property investor.

What does a buyer’s agent do?

To put it as simply as possible, a buyer’s agent helps you buy a property. This includes everything from helping you define your search criteria to identifying suitable properties and negotiating the sale terms. It usually also involves inspecting any property you are seriously considering and arranging any due diligence checks required.

Some agents, like Search Party Property, build on this standard service by adopting a more strategic “whole of portfolio” approach. As part of this, they will take the time to get to know you, your lifestyle, and your financial situation. They will also work with you to define your investment goals and come up with a tailored strategy to achieve them.

These agents tend to have a stronger focus on upskilling investors and supporting them to manage their own portfolio. This means they will often help you build your investment team, by connecting you with experienced solicitors, mortgage brokers, etc. They will generally also share their research methodology with you, explaining what they look for in a high-performing investment property.

How is this different from what I can do myself?

While it is possible to research and purchase properties yourself, this is generally quite a complex and time-consuming process. As such, if absolutely nothing else, working with a buyer’s agent should save you significant stress and effort. It should also allow you to build your property portfolio without sacrificing your evenings and weekends to research and inspections.

More importantly, a good buyer’s agent will be an expert in investing and should have a true passion for property. This means they will gladly manage all the research for you and will usually have access to specialist data sources. They will also know how to tell a good opportunity from a bad one, which will help target your search.

A buyer’s agent is also great for bouncing ideas off and should help keep you focused on the numbers. When working on your own, there is no one to challenge your decisions and suggest alternative approaches. As such, it is easy to get caught up in your emotions and be led by your heart, not your head.

But when you work with a buyer’s agent, their job is to help keep investment potential front of mind. As part of this, they will analyse the returns you can expect and use this to help you compare properties. They should also be able to recommend options that you would not have thought of, or possibly even found, yourself.

This kind of support is particularly useful when you are just starting your property investing journey. In fact, many experienced investors say they wish they had sought out professional advice earlier in their investing careers. Most believe that this would have saved them some costly mistakes and helped them supercharge the growth of their portfolio.

Want to discuss this further?

If you are still not sure whether working with a buyer’s agent is right for you, contact Search Party Property. We would be more than happy to run you through our services and believe our results speak for themselves. We also offer complimentary, obligation-free property investor consultation sessions, which should give you a good feel for how we operate.