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How To Improve Your Investment With Good Strata / Body Corporate Committee

1. Owners have the right to nominate themselves to the Committee at the Annual General Meeting.

2. A voting process may take place if there are multiple nominations.

3. Being on the Committee allows you to have an impact or influence the running (repairs, maintenance, planning, etc) of the building.

4. Get closer to the action, if you wish to be more hands on and/or want to know more about what happening.

5. Take the opportunity to create a harmonious building. Which is desirable for all residents and landlords.

6. Having a strong committee that are involved with inspections, tradesman visits, quote preparation and review will help the building to minimise costs and better great value from works.

7. Efficient involvement will save costs and time for the building (Preparing all residents for inspections of fire safety, pest inspections, etc).

8. You can keep the Strata Manager, Tradesman, other owners and tenants more accountable for their actions when the building is monitored well.

9. It will also help with the safety and security of the buildings when the committee is proactive