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How To Fire Your Property Manager

1. Are there any outstanding matters to be resolved? If there are, is it wise to move prior to the issues being fixed?

2. Review your agreement, what is the notice period you need to give before leaving?

3. Firstly, speak with another agent about the process of moving - rules or conditions, they could check the agreement for you, and give you suggestions.

4. Call the agent to explain the issues that have been raised previously, and not rectified - advising that you will be organising another agent to manager the property.

5. Ensure there is written advice give about the termination of the agreement, and make sure they acknowledge this in writing.

6.Once the termination has been agreed to, organise communications between both property managers so that books and records.

7. Keep the relationship in tact if you can. You may experience the 'grass is not greener' situation.