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How To Make Property Investing Your Main Income Stream

1. Don't NOT put in the work.
Building wealth isn’t easy. It requires commitment and hard work. Then you can reap what you sow.

2. Take calculated risks
Keep close with your accountant. Know how far is too far. Know your numbers. What revenue do you want to achieve? What is your time frame? What is the plan around achieving this? Also ask yourself 'why'.. why is this important to you? If this is not solid, then you will waiver.

3. Ongoing education.
Something we cannot emphasise enough. We are big advocates of continuing to learn. Something that we build into our weekly activity planning.

4. Have a strong mindset to keep going, even if there are issues or struggles.
This is a long distance run. We are not sprinting. Find the tenacity within yourself to continue on the path.

5. Enjoy the ups and downs.
We don't want to hear this, but but there will be downs, but there will also be ups. Downs will teach you so much if you are prepared to learn.

6. Take Action.

7. We believe its about 80% Mindset, 20% knowledge/skill.

8. Team is very important.
We are a product of our environments. Work with people who are where you want to be and who can help you.

9. Property is a Patience Game
Don't be in a rush to turn over a quick return. Balance is key.

10. 'Show up' all the time.
Attend seminars, open inspections, courses, webinars, social media. Be in the forefront of peoples minds, especially with your team.