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How To Start Property Investing

1. Get educated!
-Read books
-Peruse social media posts
-Listen to podcasts
-Watch TV shows on property
-Attend seminars/events

The key is around learning what to do and what not to do. Sift your way through what will work for you and what will not. Also, who you can trust and who feels questionable. Education teaches you about the right questions to ask, so you can form better opinions, and take the right decisions.

2. Seek out a mentor/coach.
Find someone who has walked path, got the runs on the board, had success, and is working on property investing daily.

3. Avoid the "Get rich quick" schemes.
They could be high risk, and you could risk losing all your money.

4. Build a team of experts.
This may include - Mortgage Broker, Buyers Agent, Solicitor, Accountant, and others.

5. Take Action.
There is nothing that teaches you more than actually being in the thick of it. You will learn 10 fold as you go along. Surrounding yourself with experts will help you avoid learning from 'major errors'.