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Earth to Perth! Is it Worth a Look In?

A big thumbs down from me for investing in Perth.

It’s a great place to visit and the people are super friendly and give you the time of day. But dropping your cash in Perth at this moment in time, I would recommend against this move.

My reasons to stay away:

  • Mainstream media in the eastern states are focusing their attention away from Perth – this is always a clear sign of limited activity.
  • The severe downtown, as a result of the Mining industry job losses and workers moving back to Eastern States is the primary driver for the market pull back.
  • Office spaces remain vacant in downtown Perth. Some landlords are offering 5 years rent free for tenants that sign-up for a 10-year lease. Trends in commercial property influences the residential property market.

If you have a deep urge to invest in Perth you really need to be requesting a 20%+ discount and/or attractive terms on the purchase.

Perth will get their day in the sun again, but not for quite some time. Use your cash or equity to invest in a more reliable market.

If you have a different opinion, I would love to hear your thoughts.

If you would like to talk Perth Property Investing, or anything and everything property, let’s connect.