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1. Is property investing FOR YOU?

2. When you can START (or go again)?

Whether you are contemplating property investing as a first timer or someone that is looking to continue to build on their existing property portfolio, this is a small step forward to determining whether what you are thinking about is feasible and when you can get started. You will have 30 minutes with one of our property investor specialists. No obligation. A straight up assessment to determine if property investing is for you.

What we cover in the Property Investor Assessment?

The Property Investor Assessment will covers questions to help us learn as much about you in a short period of time. There is no right or wrong. The purpose of this is to get a clear understanding of where you are at and where you want to go, and whether proprty investing is the right channel for you to achieve this.

The following are a sample of questions we cover in the assessment:
1. Your current experience and knowledge
2. Why you may think property investing is for
3. Your thoughts around potential obstacles that may come up
4. Your long term outlook
5. Your current borrowing capacity - this will give us a clear indication of timing
6. Your existing network and potential gaps
7. Initial discussion around your property investing strategty


Get assessed by a Property Strategist

One of the benefits of the Property Investor Assessment, outside of getting a clear read on whether property investing is for you and when you can start (or go again if you have previously invested) is the person who conducts the assessment. The Assessment is conducted by one our Property Investing Strategist Julian Khursigara or David Mercieca.

Julian Khursigara is one of the Directors of Search Party Property. He has assisted many people, from all a different backgrounds (financial, cultural, career, etc) to buy their first property investment and to continue on building a property investment portfolio.

David Mercieca joined Search Party Property after buying numerous properties through Serach Party Property. He got a taste for the process and the opportunities property investment brought to him personally. So he reached out to us at Search Party Property, to see how he could play a role in helping others achieve the results he has achieved.


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