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Once upon a time, Beenleigh was a centre for Queensland’s lucrative sugarcane industry. The area played host to many mills and most local land was dedicated to feeding the country’s – and indeed the world’s – sweet tooth. But devastating floods combined with labour issues in the late 19th century to force the area to begin to reinvent itself.

And reinvent itself it did, with the town becoming home to a range of important administrative and professional services. Sitting almost halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Beenleigh was also the perfect stopping point between these two hubs. This bought many travellers to the area and helped develop the local tourism industry.

Today, tourists still flock to the town to visit the heritage-listed Beenleigh Artisan Distillery – Australia’s oldest rum distillery. The local historical village, which features 20 well preserved buildings and a collection of historical artefacts, also draws in many visitors. But life in modern Beenleigh is more about looking forward than looking back.

This is largely because, for the last few decades, Beenleigh has had a bit of a stigma. With most of its former glory gone, it was seen by many outsiders as a predominantly working-class area. And, as the home to the Southern District Court complex, the town became well known for its connection with crime.

However, this view of Beenleigh is largely unfounded and, thanks to increased interest in the area, is rapidly changing. Once again, the town’s enviable location – 35km from Brisbane CBD and 45km from the heart of the Gold Coast – is a major selling point. This is reinforced by strong transport links, with the Pacific Motorway and two train lines connecting the area to the larger urban centres.

Beenleigh residents also enjoy a great range of local amenities, with the town still mostly self-sustaining. Within the area you will find three shopping centres, multiple schools, a community centre, two theatres, and many sports facilities. There is also a good selection of cafes and specialist retail, and an abundance of picturesque and well-maintained parks.


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About the Beenleigh Property Market

The recent rehabilitation of the town’s reputation is having a major impact on the Beenleigh property market. Families and first home buyers alike are being drawn in by the area’s relative affordability and great liveability. As experienced buyers agents, we are also seeing an increase in investor interest, thanks mostly to the obvious growth potential.

Acknowledging this, the Logan City Council has identified Beenleigh as a Principal Activity Centre. This has made developing in the area much easier, with reduced rezoning requirements and discounted planning application fees. As a result, the area is attracting significant investment from both public and private sources.

This is especially noteworthy for investors, as it is having a major impact on the make-up of the Beenleigh property market. Once home to almost exclusively single-family dwellings, the area now features multiple large higher density complexes. This has had the dual impacts of making the local property market more accessible and increasing the appeal of quality freestanding properties.

Another important consideration for investors looking to buy in Beenleigh is that almost half (about 45%) of residents rent. Usually, such a significant rental population would be cause for concern, as it could soften rental prices, particularly during downturns. But given Beenleigh’s vacancy rate generally sits at around 1%, the strong rental presence is actually creating investment opportunities.

As a result, astute investors can reasonably expect to achieve yields of 5% or more in Beenleigh. This is on top of strong capital growth, with large family homes on generous blocks being particularly strong performers.

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Our Process

As expert buyers advocates, we know that there is no substitute for good research when choosing where to invest. We also understand that analysing market data is not everyone’s idea of fun – or within everyone’s skill set. That is why we have built a team of passionate property people to do it all for you.

But before we do this, we first need to get to know you, your situation, and your investment goals. This will help us tailor an investment strategy to your unique requirements. It also allows us to further refine our search criteria and make sure we are identifying the most suitable opportunities.

Once we know exactly what we are after, we can get to work on finding it for you. This involves us sifting through recent property sales data to get a good sense of how a market is tracking. It also requires us to analyse other key factors (population growth, infrastructure investment, etc.) that will affect future market performance.

Based on what we find out, we will present you with a shortlist of the best options currently available. As part of this, we will share all our market research with you and walk you through what it all means. We can also work with you to choose the option that best suits your investment strategy.

From there, it is all about doing your due diligence and getting the deal done. We can also help with this, arranging the required reports (e.g. pest and building inspections) and representing you in negotiations. And, once the sale is finalised, we will also guide you through getting the property ready for rent.

At Search Party Property, we truly believe that property investing can change lives. That is why we are committed to making it more accessible to a wider range of people. For more information on our services, or to set up your free investor consultation session, contact us today.

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