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Few places are a better representation of Australia’s iconic laidback beachside lifestyle than Maroochydore. While it is not as glitzy as the Gold Coast, its relaxed coastal vibe is just as sought-after. And while it may not be as secluded as the Whitsundays, it is every bit as picturesque.

As the heart of the Sunshine Coast, Maroochydore sports a great array of amenities. It is home to the region’s largest shopping mall, Sunshine Plaza, and a bustling central business district. It is also the coast’s cultural centre, with a thriving local café and live music scene.

Sitting just over 100km North of Brisbane, Maroochydore is a major tourist destination, thanks largely to its stunning coastline. Due to its location, many tourists choose to begin their journey in the area, before moving on to Queensland’s many other hotspots. This gives the area a unique vibrancy and creates an air of fun and excitement.

But, unlike many other popular holiday destinations, the majority of Maroochydore’s population resides in the area year-round. This, combined with the relative lack of high-rise and high-density dwellings, helps maintain the relaxed seaside village feel. Though some worry this will change over the next couple of decades, with significant growth forecast.

With all of this in mind, it is easy to see why Maroochydore is so popular with both holidaymakers and residents. It is also clear why the Maroochydore property market has become so highly competitive. But that certainly does not mean there are no good investment opportunities – you just need to know where to look!


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About the Maroochydore Property Market

As with most holiday hotspots, Maroochydore has long been popular with investors. While many have opted to go down the holiday rental route, the longer-term rental market has also been quite healthy. However, more recently, the significant permanent population and increasing interest from interstate has made great investment opportunities harder to find.

While most experienced buyers agents still consider Maroochydore an area of interest, some caution is usually advised. Prices have increased significantly over the last two decades – and especially over the last few years – creating affordability concerns. And, given some suburbs, like the exclusive Sunshine Beach, are now among the Sunshine Coast’s most expensive, these are understandable.

That being said, there are still relatively affordable pockets located throughout Maroochydore, most of which have great investment potential. Unsurprisingly, many of these gems can be found further back from the beach, but still close to local amenities. Well appointed units with water views are also a great option, as they are usually highly sought-after by renters.

The good news for investors is that the Maroochydore rental market tends to be highly competitive. Supply of quality rental properties is usually fairly limited, resulting in strong interest when one does become available. This generally mean good properties do not sit vacant long and should be able to deliver a reasonable rental yield.

Our Process

When considering investing in the Maroochydore property market, expert advice can be invaluable. Even if you do your own research and run your own checks, there is always the risk you will miss something. Whether that is a great opportunity or a potential issue, it could cost you dearly in the long run.

But when you engage a professional buyers advocate, like Search Party Property, there is no need for guesswork. In fact, we will do all the hard work for you, from financial modelling to negotiating the sale. We can even partner with you long term to build a property portfolio that helps ensure your financial future.

To do all of this, we must first get to know you, your situation, and your goals. This allows us to come up with a tailored plan that can help guide all your investment decisions. It also gives us a clear picture of what we should be looking for when hunting for properties for you.

Once we have clarified your search criteria, we get to work on finding the most suitable opportunities. As part of this we analyse population and demographic data to identify positive movements and forecast future trends.We also consult local planning and property market data to assess the potential for growth – both short and long term.

Once we have found a few places we believe fit with your plans, we will share them with you. We will also provide all the insight we have gathered and help you understand what it all means. And, if any of our recommendations speak to you, we will arrange the final checks and help you secure the property.

At Search Party Property, we work with a wide range of investors from many different walks of life. Whether you are an investment rookie looking for guidance or a property expert after additional support, we can help. Contact our experienced team today for more information on our service and to set up your free consultation.


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