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As experienced buyers agents, we see the suburb of North Lakes as an interesting study in property market dynamics. As it is a master planned community, most residents enjoy easy access to every amenity they could possibly need. Most properties in the area are also relatively similar in age and built to a similar standard. However, investment potential varies greatly across the suburb.

Located within the Moreton Bay area, North Lakes sits roughly 25km north of Brisbane’s CBD. While there is currently no local train station, one is planned, and there are two stations within neighbouring Mango Hill. There is also a comprehensive bus network servicing most of the area, and the Bruce Highway borders the suburb.

As the name suggests, the suburb is built around the impressive Lake Eden, which is surrounded by parks and a walking track. This is complemented by a further 60 parks which have helped preserve the area’s natural bushland and wildlife. And for those that prefer a coastal landscape, the picturesque beaches of Redcliffe are only a short drive away.

While significant development of the area began only about 15 years ago, a lot has been achieved in this time. The suburb now has a population well in excess of 20,000 and there are multiple schools and childcare centres. The suburb is also home to the Westfield North Lakes shopping centre and a growing industrial estate and business park.

With all of this in mind, it probably seems like North Lakes would be a safe choice for any property investor. And, in many ways, it is – it has almost everything you should look for when choosing where to invest. But the North Lakes property market is more complex than it first seems, and careful planning is required to maximise your returns.


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About the North Lakes Property Market

Like most master planned communities, North Lakes was designed with young families in mind. From an abundance of local parkland to multiple public and private schools, the area offers everything young families look for. The local market is also dominated by family homes with a good amount of backyard space.

However, over the years, the size of the new land parcels being offered has steadily shrunk. This has pushed the estate’s newer homes closer together and seen many choose to sacrifice outdoor space for larger rooms. It has also resulted in the closure of the 18-hole championship golf course to make way for more development land.

For investors, the ongoing development of North Lakes should be a major consideration as it creates both opportunities and challenges.Depending on your investment strategy and goals, it may also impact the suitability of North Lakes as an investment location.

For example, while the area has seen consistent capital growth over the last decade, this varies from property to property. While established, upgraded homes generally see strong interest, the market for more entry-level properties tends to be softer. This is in part due to the additional competition for the first-home buyer dollar created by the new land releases.

That said, North Lakes offers plenty of potential for those mostly looking for reliable rental returns. The area is relatively affordable by Greater Brisbane standards and a healthy yield of 4.5% or more is very achievable. And, as the rental population in the area is steadily growing, demand for properties should keep vacancy rates quite low.

Our Process

When considering investing in a market as deceptively deep as North Lakes, careful research is critical. While many properties may have potential, choosing the best opportunity for your situation and strategy takes serious skill. This is where working with an experienced buyers advocate, like Search Party Property, can make all the difference.

We firmly believe that property investment is one of the best ways to build wealth and achieve financial freedom. We have also seen how a tailored investment strategy can help everyday people build a high-performing property portfolio – and quickly. That is why we are committed to helping more people get into the market.

As part of this, we aim to take the stress and guesswork out of the investment process. Our team has a true passion for property and knows exactly what to look for in a great opportunity. They also love diving deep into the data and will help you analyse insight from multiple sources when choosing a property.

We also want to equip you with all the knowledge and skills you need to be a successful property investor. We will work with you to clearly define your goals and how you will achieve them. We will also take the time to teach you about the property market and the trends to watch out for.

If you have always wanted to get into property investing, or need assistance growing your portfolio, we can help. Contact Search Party Property today to discuss our services and set up your free investor readiness consultation.


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