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On the outskirts of Brisbane within the City of Ipswich is the suburb of Ripley. It’s approximately 43 southwest of the Brisbane CBD, a distance that takes about 45 minutes to traverse by car. Some of the suburbs surrounding Ripley are heavily residential, such as Flinders View, while others like Yamanto and South Ripley still have a lot of rural land. Ripley itself is a mixture.

Despite being a growing suburb residents of Ripley still have access to a wide range of amenities and services. Within the suburb land has been set aside for some small neighbourhood parks and it’s not far from the White Rock Conservation Area, Swanbank Picnic Ground and hiking trails of Spring Mountain. Sports clubs can be found in surrounding suburbs, as well as gyms, shopping malls and boutique stores.

For families with children access to educational institutions is essential. Ripley has early learning centres as well as Ripley Central State School which caters for children from Pre-Prep to Year Six. For high school students can attend Ripley Valley State Secondary College, or if private school is preferred there are some options in the suburbs north of Ripley, such as Bethany Lutheran Primary School in Raceview and St Edmund’s College in Woodend.

In regard to medical care, Ripley has a few local practices nearby as well as a pharmacy, but it’s also not far to Ipswich which is a local healthcare hub. There you’ll find specialist clinics as well as public and private hospitals, including St Andrew’s Ipswich Private Hospital and Ipswich Hospital.


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About the Ripley Property Market

Ripley is a prime example of a developing suburb. Much of the infrastructure is new and there are multiple housing estates in various stages of development. The upside of this is that a modern planning structure is being used, which often results in the potential needs of future residents being planned for and met from the start. In fact, the main design concept for the suburb is based on the 20-minute neighbourhood philosophy where people have access to everything they need within 20 minutes of their home.

Understanding a suburb’s primary demographic can help investors understand who wants to reside there. In Ripley, there is a large proportion of children and fewer elderly people. This suggests it’s a suburb that’s attracting young couples and families who are looking for a place to settle and grow. Most adults work and work full time, including a higher than average number of defence force personnel thanks to the nearby RAAF Amberley Base.

The overwhelming majority of residential living spaces in Ripley are houses, with only a few semi-detached homes, flats and apartments. Most of those houses have 3 or more bedrooms, likely due to the planning process of the real estate developers.

Very few people in Ripley own their home outright but this is likely to change slowly over time as residents pay off their mortgages. There is a significant proportion of renters, which in a developing suburb like this can be an interesting prospect for investors who are looking for a newer rental property.

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When it comes to investing in property the importance of research can not be understated. It’s crucial to investigate the location, understand past and present market trends and analyse the economic viability and potential returns of property in that area. If you like the idea of investing in a newer suburb like Ripley then it’s a good idea to speak with an experienced buyers agent who has the expert knowledge needed to help you on your way.

At Search Party Property we have diligent buyers agents who want to help you grow your investment property portfolio. Together you can discuss the results of area analysis, choose potential investment properties and implement strategies designed to maximise your return on investment.

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