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Summer in Australia – Time to Beach or Time to Buy? 

Do both.

In the morning when it’s cooler hit the open homes. Speak to the agents, property buyers, market experts, etc. Spend the time doing your research.

There is a lot of publicity around buying property or changing your lifestyle around the summer season in Australia. The media promote it as a good time to buy.

Then hit the beach. Spend this time to reflect on the, for and against, of your morning experiences.

If you find yourself on a summer holiday, contemplating a complete sea-change or a holiday house investment, be aware that the agents are targeting the emotional buyers. There is nothing wrong with bringing emotion into the process, but just be sure that your decision is not a reactive one. To avoid a reactive decision, you want to do your research and feel confident that this is a sound investment for your future – whether it’s financial or lifestyle.

Don’t ever feel forced by anymore to make a rash decision. If you do feel forced, this is probably a sign that it’s not right for you.

While the beach home buyers are focusing on beachside locations and getting amongst the holiday spirit, a shout out to the city slickers – this could be your time to pounce on bargains in the city or outer suburbs.

Over Christmas and New Year there is fewer people looking for property. Another opportunity to pounce, while others are sleeping off alcohol or Christmas pudding hangovers.

In the latter parts of January and early February, the market starts to rev up again. All the new year resolutions folk come out and play, driving additional competition. Sellers are likely to wait until this peak time if they can. However, some sellers don’t have a choice and have to go sooner. This is where you want to get in if you can.

There is lots of family time during the summer season. It can bring out both the best and worst in people, either way, it can lead to major life changes, which genuinely impact living situations. I am not suggesting you be nosey, but mindful. As the rationale for a buyer, selling can substantially affect the sale price and timing, and how you negotiate.