Sydney Market Pockets of Roses

Spring into Sydney. Smell the Roses, but Do Your Homework

Sydney auction clearance rate is slightly down. But before we make assumptions that the market isn’t performing as well as it was, take note of the increase in the number of properties listed and the fact that there are less buyers in the market.

There are some really good pockets in Sydney. Scratch beneath the underskirts of the city markets and you will find some magic micro markets. It does require a bit of time to scope out what’s real and what’s appearance speak. If you are working alone, get ‘on the ground’, explore the markets. Speak to real estate agents, local business, councils, developers, to get a really good feel as to whether the numbers and the media are painting an accurate picture.

Western Sydney has more availability than other markets, unlike the northern beaches, inner west and eastern suburbs. It’s definitely worth a look in. Just be mindful about your total game plan. Avoid getting lost in the hype of a ‘good buy’. It might be good for your best mate, but not good for you. The buy is as only as good as the strategy behind it.

If you want to grow wealth through property investing, I always recommend taking a long term view.

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