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Wealth for What?

You want more wealth until you get to a place when the wealth comes, and you don’t know what to do with it. Keep accumulating, invest, spend, save, protect.. so many options, but still don’t know what to do.

It sounds crazy, incomprehensible even, but it’s true. In some situations, it becomes a problem, of what someone is going to do with their wealth. What will they do with it now, will they spend it, will they leave it for family, friends, charities, will they do nothing. Lots of questions.

I have witnessed this, and it has made me think very clear about why I want to create a wealth strategy. What will additional wealth bring to my life? Is accumulation the goal or is it something more profound and soul satisfying.

So, before the wealth even comes in, it makes for a good time to think about what you would do. What do you really want in your life? Will wealth take you there? When working with my clients, their personal values help paint a true picture of what ticks their boxes outside the material stuff.

Wealth or no wealth, always help yourself first. I don’t mean this in a narcissistic way. But in a way where you can take the time to self-explore and reflect. Find out who you are and what’s important to you. When you get yourself right, then you are in a better place to give so much more to others.

In my experience that’s where the fun began. I have and will continue to invest in my personal development. I see this as an ongoing commitment to getting the best out of my life. However, when you find yourself in a position to help, even just one person, this is where I believe the magic is. Personal success can only be labelled success if you are sharing your knowledge and self to help others have success. Even the great tennis players, on the sidelines it looks like an individual sport, but all you have to do is look up to the players box and see the team involved in creating a world champion.

Even looking to successful business people: Oprah, Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Lisa Messenger, Hugh Jackman – they are all in the business of helping others whilst helping themselves. Financial success is just one component of success. Life fulfilment is, what I believe, the greatest success of all. With or without wealth.

I leave you with this question, if you had all the wealth you could dream of, what would you do with it? What’s your ‘wealth for what’ response?

Yes, to the holiday, the house, the car, the clothes, the boat, the technology. I get all that. But let’s go further. What’s beyond all this?

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