What is Rentvesting? And when is this a good option?

What is Rentvesting?

Should I, would I, could I? It’s a big step to take!

When I first had the conversation with my wife, it was a definite ‘NO WAY’ 6 months ago, but after a lot of discussion, she came around. So here we are, feet up, in someone else’s place.

The old story – buy where you can afford, and live where you can’t.

This situation is a no strings attached model. There is an absolute liberation in not being tied to a specific address. We are creating a home but without the home ownership.

We were living in Abbotsford, but had been looking for a while to move to Drummoyne. Nothing came up that we could afford. To put even more pressure on, during this time the market was heating up. It was a perfect time to sell. So after a lot, and I mean a lot, of discussion about how this would work and why it works, and most importantly what makes a home a home, we made a decision. We sold up. And now we rent.

Why it’s working for us:

  • We get to use the cash to reinvest in a high yield return
  • Takes the emotion out of how we invest our money
  • We feel more free and more open to seeing what life could bring in.

So if you haven’t heard of rentvesting, but think that perhaps you are open to a more flexible and fluid way of approaching home ownership, come and talk to me. I’ve got plenty of experience, and if you want a second opinion, I’ll bring Maria along. It really could open up new doors to your future.

If you would like to talk Rentvesting or anything and everything property investing, lets connect.