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Only 5% of people have a second investment property

Why? Why not keep going?

I can relate to this. I was in this space. I bought my first investment property and didn’t purchase my next one till ten years later. Why the delay? I think it’s because we buy one and then sit on it. A little pleased with ourselves that we have come this far. So the momentum dissipates. And life takes you in other directions and you completely forget about property investing.  Perhaps it could even be that you may not have had a clear reason on why you wanted to invest in that property.

When I look back I was pleased that life took me on other directions, the only thing though, was I wished I continued with the property investing. I believe I could of, if I had thought about it.

The lesson is about momentum and finding the right way to keep this going. If you have clarity around what you want, then it’s easy. I can say I didn’t have this clarity. I wish I did back then. I encourage everyone, young and old, to get some clarity. Work on your reason. So when it comes to investing, you know exactly why a property portfolio can help you make that dream come true.

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