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There is not a day that goes by that we are not living property. We have seen and experienced the opportunities and choices property investing presents and how accessible property investing actually is.

We also get that people are not as passionate as we are about property!!!

The beautiful thing about property is you don't have to be passionate. You can build your property investment while you pursue your passion. Essentially property investing provides a foundation that allows you to explore the things in life that get you excited. That's the true reward for us, seeing people following their dreams.

Luke - Buyers Agent

Experience 5 years experience in strata and facilities property management, property investor with over 30 properties (started investment journey in 2002), first time property investor coach.

Why I love property Bricks and mortar have proven to be a stable investment over time. I like that you touch it. It's something I know and it has helped me connect with so many great people.

My Wealth for What To have choices. To not be tied down to a corporate job. To have time to help others - my family, my friends and the community. The real riches of life.

Other Stuff I do I live in Bondi, Sydney. I love the concept of Rentvesting. We can become tied to a home at the risk of not living. When I am not talking about property, which is rare, I volunteer at LifeLine once a week, I love running, and run 7Kms everyday. I am a bit of a trivia buff. I also love travel. A proud achievement was walking the Oxfam with my two brothers and sister and raising $80,000.

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