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Buying Investment Property on the Gold Coast

The perennially popular Gold Coast has long been thought of as “Australia’s Playground”. Home to world famous beaches, nationally known theme parks, and a wide variety of entertainment venues, it’s the perfect holiday destination. This fact is beautifully illustrated by the more than 10 million people who visit the area each year.

But there’s more to the Gold Coast than just the tourist attractions – much more.

Nestled just South of Brisbane and stretching to the NSW border, the Gold Coast is widely revered for its natural beauty. While best known for its beaches, the area also features everything from lush farmland to dense forest and the hinterland ranges.This is in addition to the intricate network of lakes and canals that shape many of the area’s suburbs.

This idyllic environment combines with the area’s many urban conveniences to create an extremely attractive lifestyle location. It seems this appeal is only increasing, with forecasts suggesting the Gold Coast’s population could more than double by 2050. And, based on recent growth numbers, it appears the area is well on the way to fulfilling this prediction.

With all of this in mind, now could be a great time to buy into the Gold Coast property market. However, it’s all a matter of finding the right opportunity. This is where an experienced buyers agent, like Search Party Property, can really help.


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About the Gold Coast Property Market

Despite being a popular location for investment for several decades, the Gold Coast property market has a varied history. However, this has changed significantly over the last 5 years, with the area seeing fairly consistent price growth. This is a trend many experts expect to continue, with properties in the area now in high demand.

In fact, last year the Gold Coast was the most searched for property location in Australia. During this period, the area received significant attention from overseas, with many expats seeking the ultimate coastal lifestyle. Families are also being drawn to the Gold Coast in increasing numbers, thanks (in part) to the high-quality local schools.

This, combined with the limited supply of quality properties, has placed significant upward pressure on prices. As is to be expected, beachside suburbs are the most sought after, with popular tourist areas – like Burleigh Heads and Broadbeach – attracting the most interest. That being said, some inland areas, like the Tallebudgera Valley, are also performing well.

In good news for investors, the Gold Coast rental market is also extremely strong at the moment. While the average vacancy rate across the area is hovering around the 1.5% – 2%, some areas are much tighter. This is particularly true for popular beachside suburbs in the South (like Palm Beach and Miami), where there is significant competition for most properties

Our Process

Right now, the Gold Coast property market is hot. This can make finding and securing a great investment quite tough. However, with the assistance of an experiencedbuyers advocate, any investor should be able to succeed.

At Search Party Property, we specialise in matching investors with the perfect investment property. We take the time to get to know our clients and understand their expectations and goals. We also work with them to develop their investment strategy andmarket knowledge.

We are also experts in monitoring the market and analysing investment opportunities. We pull data from a multitude of sources to develop a clear picture of the potential of a property. We also consider ways to maximise returns and will provide recommendation for any updates required.

Once we find an opportunity that fits with your plans, we will help you secure the property. We will make sure all of the necessary checks are done and act on your behalf in sale negotiations. We will also help you keep an eye on the numbers and make sure the investment still stacks up.

Then, after a brief celebration, we will get working on your next investment property… and then your next one.

Whether you have always been interested in property investment, or just want to grow your wealth, we can help. Our Property Portfolio Accelerator Model has been refined over two decades and consistently helps clients secure multiple properties within a few years. So, if you’re serious about securing your financial future, give us a call.


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