May 16, 2022

Top 5 Reasons Why Someone Delays Property Investing

As experienced Buyers Agents, we regularly meet people who want to invest in property but struggle to take the final step. While there are many reasons they put off taking the plunge, it usually comes down to a few key concerns. Here we look at the five biggest roadblocks to people investing in property and how you can overcome them.
May 12, 2022

As of 30th April 2022 – Property Market Update

Last month saw a small decline in the national housing growth rate, which was down 0.1% to 0.6% for April. While we are still seeing growth at the national level, the tide is clearly turning for the Australian property market. Sydney, Melbourne, and Hobart are leading this charge, having all recorded a decline in their monthly median property price. For Sydney, the 0.2% decline across April marked their third consecutive month of negative growth numbers. In Melbourne, the decline may have been nominal (0.04%), but it means values have technically decreased for three of the last five months. And in Hobart, the 0.3% decline is their first monthly fall in median value in almost two years.
May 11, 2022

What are the Big Drivers of Property Values?

A lot has been made of how much property prices have increased over the last year or so. Equal attention has also been given to what property values are likely to do over the next year or so. But there has been notably less talk about exactly what is driving these changes.
May 6, 2022

Property Investor Misconceptions

As a new property investor, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions that you will need to navigate through. Some of these will be about what being an investor means and the type of people who get into property. Others will be about the best ways to invest and the types of properties you should be targeting or avoiding. Here we cover the most common property investor misconceptions we regularly come across. As part of this, we will explore where these perceptions have come from and share our advice on overcoming them.
April 27, 2022

How to Diversify within Property Investing?

When building a high performing portfolio, it is easy to get caught up on the returns each new property provides. After all, it is only natural to want each of your investments to deliver the greatest yield possible. But if you just focus on growth and income, you will overlook a key characteristic of all strong portfolios – balance. Achieving balance in your portfolio takes a lot of research and plenty of careful planning. It also usually requires a reasonable level of diversification within your investments. Here we look at why this is important and the best ways to make this happen.
April 21, 2022

Who do you spend time with?

Have you ever heard that old saying, “judge a person by the company they keep”? While this usually refers to people sharing similar personality traits to their friends, it also rings true for property investors. The people you surround yourself with can have a big impact on the property investment decisions you make. Here we look at how this works and why this is the case. As part of this, we will look at the type of people successful property investors need in their life. We will also explore who you need to be wary of and the people who could be setting you back.
April 9, 2022

As of 31st March 2022 – Property Market Update

A look at the Australian property market update as of the 31st March 2022. The national monthly growth rate has rebounded slightly, with house values up 0.7% over March. This is despite the country’s two biggest markets both seeing a drop in median prices. But, with most of the smaller capitals experiencing stronger conditions, the general growth trend has continued for an 18th consecutive month.
April 7, 2022

Top 10 Advice from the Property Investing Pros

In our experience, there is quite a strong sense of camaraderie between property investors. While we may compete for individual properties, we encourage other investors and are happy to see them succeed. Most successful property investors are also very willing to share their insight, particularly with those just starting their investment journey. Here we share some of the best advice we have seen professional property investors share.
April 6, 2022

Are Buyers Agent Fees Tax Deductible?

Many investors actively look to maximise the expenses that they can claim. But while this is an entirely reasonable approach, it is critical that you do not overstate or misreport your expenses. And an important part of this is understanding which expenses count as valid tax deductions, and which do not. Here we take a closer look at an expense we are very familiar with – buyers agent fees. This is a cost many investors are happy to pay but are not sure how to treat come tax time. Can I claim buyer agent fees as a deduction?
March 31, 2022

Your Typical Property Investor Profile and How This Is Changing

Depending on who is describing them, the average property investor is generally depicted in one of two ways. They are either a wealthy property “tycoon” living a life of luxury off the income produced by their portfolio. Or they are a suburban “Mum and Dad” couple trying to build a better life for their family. But, in reality, the average property investor is actually quite difficult to characterise. This is because the investor community is extremely diverse and comes from an increasingly wider range of backgrounds. The demographics of this community are also constantly changing and evolving as new investor types emerge.