A Buyers Agent is also known as a Buyers Advocate, acts on behalf of the buyer. As a comparison, a real estate agent typically acts on behalf of the seller. Who you act on behalf of, drives the decisions and negotiations.

We, as Property Buyers Agents, always act in the interest of the buyer - from the beginning, that is, ascertaining the best property buy for where you are currently at right through to the sourcing, negotiating and helping you set up your team to manage and/or add value to the property going forward.

Start Well Start Strong

The fundamental reason why we have paved out this space as buyers agents in the property investment industry is because we wholeheartedly believe that the best way to maximise your property investment success is to start well. By this we mean, start strong by giving yourself the best opportunity for cash flow and/or capital growth.

The money is always made in the buying. We see this prove itself time and time again. For example, you can buy a property in one area at what is the peak of the market and wait 10+ years for it to double in equity or you can buy at the bottom of the market or when the market isn’t so attractive and wait 5 years to achieve the same growth rate.

Buy strong every time and your property investing strategy will benefit greatly. Buying well is derived from the following factors:
1. Your current situation - what can you afford now and in the future
2. What do you want to achieve for this particular property investment
3. Where do you sit on the active versus passive investor scale
4. The current state of play of the market - where is the market in regards to the property cycle clock and what deals are out there
5. Effective risk management - which may include market diversification

Property Investment Strategist

Buying property is easy. Buying the right property that will best suit you requires a lot more skill and experience. This is why so many people have got it wrong. We've all heard the bad stories - and this may have deterred you from getting into property investing when you had first thought about it… but please be mindful that there a loads of property success stories - whereby investors have done the research or worked with an expert, like a Property Buyers Agent.

A big part of what we do is spend time understanding you as much as possible, so we can navigate and identify the best property investing strategy that is going to work both in the short and long term. Going down to the detail of how involved you want to be in the management of the property and in the buying process is crucial to how we work and source properties for you.

Once we review where you are currently at, along with your goals and your capacity in relation to your mindset, we can start to work through an establish a strategy that is specific to you. When we are all on the same page with the strategy we move into the buying phase, which includes searching, selecting and negotiating. The process (topline) of how we work with clients ongoing is outlined in this diagram. This is something we take you through during our introduction session.

We encourage you every step of your property investing journey to familiarise yourself with various markets and properties if this is of interest to you and you have the time to dedicate. We intentionally have created daily updates on property deals that are out there - so you can start building your knowledge base quite quickly.

If you are considering working with a Buyers Agent

Make sure the Property Buyers Agent you choose to work with:
1. Has skin in the game, i.e. they own or have purchased properties in a number of different markets.
2. Are active on a daily / weekly basis.
3. Are constantly looking at properties, talking to agents, and has a sound hold on the property market and economics.
4. Doesn’t have a conflict of interest in the properties that they recommending
5. Has a strong network that you can access
6. Can provide previous clients for you to talk with
7. Can speak the data - and combines this with their experience and knowledge
8. Has access to different markets - so they can broaden your scope and offer diversification if that is what is required
9. Has a real estate licence
10. Tells you to seek accountant / financial advice before making a decision

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