Taking a Strategic Approach to Property Investing

- Are you looking to purchase your first investment property?
- Are you an experienced investor looking to build on what you already have?
- Are you looking to diversify / reconfigure your property investment portfolio?
- Are you looking for a new challenge and want to take on a larger property investment?
- Do you think that your portfolio is heavily weighted in one market and need to create balance across other markets?
- Are you completely new to property investing? You have the cash but have always been in stocks and are seeking expert opinion on the best approach forward in property?

Whatever your situation we are here to assist you. And if whatever reason we cannot provide what you need we will know someone that can.

Our experience is broad

We have worked with a lot of first-time property buyers. Helping them to get into the property market whilst managing their level of risk and also knowing that this first experience sets a precedent for their future property investment experiences. Depending on the finance available and the level of comfort - buying in the Central Coast of NSW versus Brisbane may be the better option.

There are a lot of variables to consider for anyone that walks through our doors. We leave our assumptions at the doors, but bring our experience and knowledge and work with the individual / couple / family to come up with a strategy that works for them.

The importance of Strategy

We love the Brisbane market for many reasons but also recognise this may not necessarily be the best market for everyone to buy-in to. It’s a case-by-case approach. We cannot emphasise enough the importance of having a property investing strategy whether this is your first or fiftieth property looking at where you are at, what you want to do going forward and what markets should you be looking at - is essential to setting this up in the right way from day one.

Your Circumstances May Change

There is a very good chance that your circumstances will change over time. Whether this a change in your employment, family structure, living arrangements, aspirations, desires, etc, - having a property strategy, will then allow us to make changes along the way, as you change. It also creates good discipline and discussion - so we can understand you, and also so you can understand you.

In our experience the majority of people don’t know what they want until we start the discussion and work through the pros and cons of each strategy.

Property investment is like any other decision you make in your life. You want to weigh up the benefits and limitations. For example, if you are going for an equity property do you have access to cash flow to cover the costs of the property and for how long? Another example is if you have access to $1million in finance - what’s the best way to invest this money and is it the right decision for you to invest it all?

Your Property Investment Strategy

A property investment strategy comes with our buyer agency service. It’s the first step once you have signed and paid our agreement. Nothing is purchased before we are clear on what’s the best strategy for you.

We get it, you may be super keen to secure a property asap, but this step is crucial to ensuring that the property investment you buy through Search Party Property is one that is perfect for you and that your future self will thank you for.

Our Property Investment Accelerator Model shows you the process we follow - specific to the area of strategy. This is a very important part and determines why and when we/you will take the steps you take.

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