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Buying Investment Property in Northern Beaches

Despite starting a mere 8km from the CBD, Sydney’s Northern Beaches feels a world away. Known for its laidback coastal lifestyle, the area is widely considered the perfect combination of convenience and comfort. It has also long been considered a great alternative to the Eastern Suburbs, offering larger blocks and equally exclusive addresses.

Despite the name, it is not just the breathtaking coastline that makes the Northern Beaches so sought after. In addition to the area’s 32 beaches, locals also enjoy easy access to popular rockpools, national parks, and waterways. This gives the area a particularly active vibe, with a range of sports and other outdoor hobbies popular with residents.

This, combined with the area’s great schools and strong café scene make it popular with a wide range of families. This broad appeal means there are always people looking to move to the Northern Beaches. And, once they do, they tend to stick around for many years.

While this provides plenty of opportunities for savvy investors, it can also make buying into the area tough. This is where an experienced buyers agent can make a major difference


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About the Northern Beaches Property Market

Property on the Northern Beaches has long been popular with buyers. This area is generally seen as an alternative to the more exclusive (and generally more expensive) Eastern Suburbs. Here, buyers can usually get more land and a slower pace of life, all at a more affordable price.

Generally speaking, newer properties on larger blocks with water viewswill attract a particular premium. Often, prices for such properties can run into the multi-millions. While capital growth is still possible at this price point, the scale will usually be smaller when compared to some nearby locations.

If you are considering investing in the Northern Beaches property market, you may want to consider an apartment. While there is less competition for these properties from buyers, the demand for rentals is usually quite strong. This is particularly true for areas popular with young professionals, like Manly and Freshwater.

There are also more budget friendly areas you may want to consider. Central areas, like French’s Forest, traditionally offer the best value for money when buying. However, you should always do your research and make sure the potential returns justify the investment.

Our Process

In a property market as strong as the Northern Beaches, the services of a buyers advocate can be a great support. This involves finding the perfect property to suit your financial situation and investment goals and securing that property, making sure the numbers are right and the returns stack up.

At Search Party Property, we understand the challenges of such a market and are experts in navigating them. When you work with us, we will start by getting to know you and what you are after. This will help us make sure we are looking in the right places and can help you find the right opportunity.

We then research all the available options and identify the ones that would be most suitable. When we do this, we look at much more than just current listings and recent market data. We pull insight from multiple sources to properly assess the state of the market and we identify the properties with the greatest investment potential.

Best of all, we will share all of this detail with you and help you to make the right decision. We understand how daunting choosing an investment property can be and will support you through this process. We see investing as a long-term game and want to help you develop all the knowledge and skills you need to be successful.

Then, once you’ve settled on your first property, we will begin looking for the next one. Our Property Portfolio Accelerator Model has been designed to help our clients consistently and sustainably grow their investments. It also provides a structured approach to wealth generation and will help keep you focus on your next acquisition.
Whether you are a local, or just interested in the area, we can help you get into the Northern Beaches property market. To discuss how we do this, and to start your property search, give the Search Party Property team a call.


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