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Buying Investment Property on the North Shore

Few areas of Sydney have a stronger reputation than the North Shore. Known for beautiful tree lined streets, large blocks, and grand homes, it is widely considered a comfortable, family-friendly area. This has made it particularly attractive to well-heeled professionals who want space and luxury, but still need easy city access.

The North Shore is broken into two smaller areas – the Lower North Shore and the Upper North Shore.

Sitting closer to the city, the Lower North Shore is higher density and generally more popular with a younger demographic. Bounded by Sydney Harbour, Middle Harbour, and the Lane Cove River, it enjoys plenty of scenic water views. The area also has quite an active hospitality industry, with many well-known cafes, restaurants, and nightspots.

The Upper North Shore is located a little further from the CBD and is sought after for its open green spaces. Surrounded by multiple national parks, and with some of the city’s leading schools, it is particularly popular with wealthier families. As such, properties tend to be larger and generally more expensive.

Regardless of whether you’re looking at the Lower or Upper North Shore, the property market is currently quite strong. This can make securing a property challenging, with many selling for significantly over their guide price.


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About the North Shore Property Market

As any experienced buyers agent will tell you, North Shore property is always in demand. This is particularly true for the exclusive Upper North Shore, which is known for its lush green spaces and prestigious schools.This area is often targeted by existing homeowners who are looking to upgrade to a larger, more lavish property.

Interestingly, when people move to the Upper North Shore, they tend to stay around for a while. This means properties in the area are often in short supplyand there is usually strong competition for each sale. It also means that prices tend to hold fairly solid, even when the broader market is softer.

By contrast, the Lower North Shore tends to be more affected by general market conditions. While some of the more prestigious areas, like Mosman, tend to be a little more resilient, others have their peaks and troughs. While such volatility can be worrying for an investor, it can also provide opportunities,if you get the timing right.

For those looking to invest in the North Shore property market, the Lower North Shore usually offers the greatest potential. Apartments and townhouses in these areas tend to be more affordable, while remaining popular with renters. Areas with strong transport connections and plenty of amenities, like North Sydney and Chatswood, are generally in highest demand.

Our Process

The stronger the property market, the harder finding a great investment can be. Competition drives up prices, compromising the returns and increasing the financial risk. But, with careful research and the right support, there are always suitable opportunities to be found.

This is where an experienced buyers advocate, like Search Party Property, can help. We take a structured, considered approach to searching for a property, using clear criteria to assess investment potential. We also pull information from a multitude of different sources to help you make the best possible decision.

Using our Property Portfolio Accelerator model, we help our clients grow their investments – and quickly. As part of this, we take the time to understand your unique situation, requirements, and goals. We also help you to develop the skills and experience you need to succeed as a property investor.

When looking for a property, we start by casting a wide net. We research broad market trends and identify the best places to be putting your investment dollar. This will be based on not only recent sales, but also demographic trends, development data, and potential rental returns.

This helps us to see things others do not. Whether it is spotting the next hot area, or a property others have overlooked, we pride ourselves on finding what others miss.

If you are looking for the perfect North Shore investment property, we can help you find – and secure it. We work with investors of all experience levels and a wide range of backgrounds and know how to build wealth. If you’re serious about investing in property and need a little support, contact the Search Party Property team today.


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