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Ipswich, QLD

Ipswich is one of Queensland’s oldest towns, and has many historic buildings. It’s a town in transition - no longer mainly a working class town, Ipswich has seen an influx of investors, government departments, a university campus and an increase in cultural the arts communities.


Ipswich is the central suburb of the City of Ipswich, located 40km south-west of the Brisbane CBD. In 2019, Ipswich had a population of approx. 222,000 with 34 years the median age. Growth on the previous year was 4.09% compared to 2.2% for South East Qld. In fact, Ipswich’s population is growing at a faster rate than Sydney and Melbourne. 70% of the Ipswich population were born in Australia, 5% New Zealand and 3% in England. Ipswich residents come from over 160 countries and over 150 different languages are spoken.


Ipswich has direct access to the Ipswich Motorway linking to Brisbane, the Cunningham Highway linking to Warwick, The Logan Motorway and its connection to The Gold Coast Highway linking to The Gold Coast, and the Centenary Highway linking Springfield and the Ripley Valley to Brisbane. Ipswich is well serviced with train and bus transport with easy access to Brisbane CBD.
In 2016, the City of Ipswich had a higher proportion of couple families with child(ren) (33.4%) as well as a higher proportion of one-parent families (14.7%), when compared to the rest of South East Qld (30.4% and 10.9%). The number of households in Ipswich has increased by over 9,000 from 2011 to 2016. 58% of the population are employed full time, and 28% part time. In 2016, the median weekly household income was $1,362, median monthly mortgage repayments were $1,603 and median weekly rent of $310.

Local Business

As Queensland’s fastest growing city, Ipswich is home to a variety of industries that are tipped for substantial growth. Ipswich is home to Australia’s largest military base, RAAF Amberley. It’s a major processing centre for food and beverages, and has long been the historical manufacturing centre of South East Queensland. Ipswich is a logistics hub for product distribution across Australia and internationally. It has easy access to the Port of Brisbane and Brisbane Airport and is surrounded by a vast rail and road network. Due to its rapid population growth, The City of Ipswich has recorded 47% annual growth in the property and construction sectors since 2001.

School and Education

Ipswich has a great mix of state, catholic and independent private schools. Ipswich also offers 2 Universities and TAFE options for students.

Recreational & Activities

Ipswich has over 8,500 hectares of open space for residents and visitors to enjoy, with over 550 different parks and reserves to choose from.

Future Plans

- $150million rejuvenation of Ipswich CBD breathing new life into the city centre
- $1.5billion expansion of to Amberley RAAF base, with 2000 new base staff and their families moving into the area
- Freeway widening to 6 lanes costing $200million
- Orion Shopping Centre Stage 2 project $600million becoming one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere
- $5billion light armoured vehicle project awarded to Ipswich, creating 300 new jobs

Ipswich Property Pricing

The median property price for a 3 bedroom house is $361,250 (June 2020). Ipswich has become a sought after suburb for families seeking relatively affordable housing yet is still accessible to those who commute to Brisbane for work.

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