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James St, Guildford, Perth, Western Australia, by Gnangarra

Buying Investment Property in Guildford

One of Perth’s first suburbs, Guildford was founded in 1829 during the earliest days of the Swan River Colony. It’s surrounded by the Swan River to the north and Helena River to the south, with the two intersecting at the western end of the suburb. Along both foreshores there are plenty of green spaces in the form of nature reserves, ovals and farmland, making this a suitable area for people looking for a nice, quiet area that’s not too far from the Perth CBD.

A well established suburb, Guildford is home to a number of establishments that have a rich history. For their education, children can attend Guildford Primary School, the oldest continually operating school in Western Australia. Guildford Grammar School is also an option, and there are other public and private schools in the surrounding suburbs. For higher education there are Curtin University and North Metropolitan TAFE campuses in nearby Midland. Midland is also where the closest major hospital is, St John of God Midland, which offers public and private health services.

Within Guildford there are a number of local shops, cafes and historic pubs, which gives the area more of a local feel. There’s also a train station which lies along the Midland to Perth Underground line. Going a little further afield, chain stores and supermarkets are easily accessible in the surrounding suburbs. A variety of options can be found at Midland Gate, Waterhall Shopping Centre and Bassendean Shopping Centre.


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About the Guildford Property Market

People have been calling the suburb of Guildford home for over 190 years and will continue to do so well into the future. House and rental prices have slowly but steadily risen over the years, reflecting that there is fairly consistent interest in the area. Some of the things that may be attracting new people are the green spaces, proximity to the Perth CBD and Swan Valley, presence of colonial style architecture and the historic nature of the area.

Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics suggests that there are two key demographics in Guildford; families with teenage children and empty nesters who are reaching retirement. Most either own their home or own it with a mortgage, reflecting that many people moving there seem interested in staying long term, in a place they can call their own. There are less rentals than the state and national average, potentially creating competition among prospective tenants and opportunities for investors wanting to add a rental property to their portfolio.

An overwhelming majority of homes in Guilford are separate houses, most of which have 3 bedrooms. There are quite a number of 2 bedroom homes available, while 4 or more bedroom houses are rarer than they are in other parts of Western Australia. There are a range of different block sizes across the suburb, with some of the bigger ones potentially being the right size to subdivide.

James St, Guildford, Perth, Western Australia, by Gnangarra

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Before making the commitment to purchase a property, it is crucial that you carefully research the location, market trends, and potential yields. If Guildford appeals to you, it would be wise to speak with a knowledgeable professional who can help you navigate the ins and outs of buying an investment property. This is where we come in.

Our knowledgeable and skilled buyers agents can assist you in locating real estate investment options that align with your financial plans. Whether you’re a novice trying to build your portfolio or an experienced investor looking to make your next move, we can assist you in creating strategies to maximise returns and minimise risk.

Gain confidence in your decisions and turn down the stress levels by having a trustworthy professional at your side. Our staff are ready and willing to assist you in taking the next big step towards expanding your real estate investment portfolio. Contact us today. for more information about what we can do for you.

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