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When compared to most other areas that make up Queensland’s South-East corner, Redland City is quite unique. It is an extremely diverse area that is dominated by bushland, but also home to disparate suburban areas and seaside communities. Several islands also fall within the region’s boundaries – some populated, some not –further adding to a general feeling of coastal seclusion.

Nestled between the City of Brisbane and Logan City, and with islands bordering the City of Gold Coast, Redlands is enviously located. Most areas areless than a 40-minute drive from the Brisbane CBD, making commuting into the city quite comfortable. This is made even easier by the dedicated train line and strong road links, both into Brisbane and along the coast.

Interestingly, Redland City does not have a defined administrative or economic centre. Instead, it is made up of a few more highly populated suburban centres, like Capalaba, Cleveland, and Redland Bay. These areas are home to the lion’s share of the region’s population and important amenities (schools, transport, sporting facilities, etc.).

This is complemented by substantial green space, which includes over 1,400 environmental conservation areas, public parks, and nature reserves. Dotted throughout this is a series of small coastal and bushland villages, many of which are popular with tourists and holidaymakers. Several of the Redland Bay islands, like North Stradbroke and Macleay, are also home to small tight-knit communities.

This means that Redlands has options to suit most tastes. However, this diversity can be a bit of adouble-edged sword for investors as not all opportunities are created equal. This makes doing your research especially critical, which is where an experienced buyers agent, like Search Party Property, can help.


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About the Redland Bay Property Market

Much like the region itself, the property market in Redland City is quite varied. This is both in terms of the housing stock available and the performance of different market segments.

For example, the region is Queensland’s second most expensive for larger lifestyle blocks (over 2,400m2), trailing only Brisbane. This is largely due to the area’s unique combination of proximity to several urban centres and its scenic natural surrounds. This particularly appeals to busy professionals who want to work in the city and enjoy the seclusion on the weekend.

By contrast, the region’s more densely populated centres are usually more affordable, with median prices generally comparable to Brisbane’s. There is also a strong demand for rentals in these locations, meaning investors can usually expect healthy rental yields.

That being said, investors still need to choose where they buy carefully as each centre has its own considerations. For example, Cleveland is traditionally more expensive, so offers more modest rental returns, but can deliver higher capital growth. However, a new development is planned for Redland Bay, which will make 3,000 residential lots available over the next decade. This is likely to increase interest in the area, but the additional supply could soften property price increases.

Looking beyond the mainland, it is really a story of highs and lows, with performance varying greatly between each island. At the top end of the market is North Stradbroke’s Point Lookout, which is easily the most expensive suburb in Redland City. This exclusive enclave is highly competitive and basically a no-go for investors looking for decent returns.

At the other end of the market are Macleay, Russell, and Lamb Islands, which are the region’s most affordable areas. However, as there is still reasonable demand for rentals in these locations, it is possible to achieve very healthy yields. Though the modest population of each island (and especially Lamb Island) must be taken into consideration in any investment decision.

Our Process

Regions like Redlands are an interesting prospect for property investors. While there is no shortage of suitable opportunities, picking the best one is always going to be tough. And, as each option is usually so different, they can be extremely difficult to compare.

However, when you work with Search Party Property, this will not be a problem. As professional buyers advocates, we are experts in helping investors choose the place that best fits their strategy. We also understand the data you need to look at to get a clear picture of a property’s investment potential.

Best of all, we do all the research for you – from understanding the current market to modelling future growth. As part of this, we will collect information from several key sources and reinterpret it to make it easier to compare. We will also package everything up in easy-to-read reportsand help you weigh up the pros and cons of each property.

Then, once you have decided which place you want to buy, we will help you get the deal done. We will arrange the final checks (e.g. pest and building inspections) and work with you to put together an offer. We will also submit any offers on your behalf and act as your agent throughout the negotiation process.

This is all part of our commitment to making the property investment process as easy and stress-free as possible. For more information on our services, or to set up your free investment readiness check, Contact Search Party Property.


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