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As property Buyers Agent / Buyers Advocates, we work for you. Before anything gets started understanding you, is the key to unlocking the best strategy.

Searching for properties is a case-by-case approach. Yes, we are looking at properties every day, but that doesn’t necessarily mean these are the right properties for you or not. We are building our pool of properties and current market data so we can, when the time comes, find the right property that is best aligned with your property investment strategy.

When you know what you want

Some of our clients know exactly what they want. Typically these clients are experienced property investors. By experienced we mean they have brought 5+ properties across various markets. The properties are also different property types. In some cases, they have experienced a property investment that didn’t go to plan. Whether it bombed completely or their expectations exceeded the actual return. Essentially they have been around the block more than a couple of times and know precisely what they want from their next property investment.

When this type of client comes through the door they come with a very clear brief. This brief for example could look like this: A small block of apartments, built no later than the 1980s, 15-25kms from the CBD.

In return, we provide a variety of property options, across markets (if they hadn’t specified this) and various price points - with images, videos, town planning documentation, strata reports, etc. Each property is discussed in full, with a recommendation being made based on our experience and knowledge of the market and the client. If the client proceeds, we will manage the property price negotiations and management through to the settlement. Also providing them with property managers, builders, building and pest inspectors when needed.

When you are not sure where and what to buy

Another method we adopt is providing the property search based on the property investors strategy. This is something that we would have already worked through with you on.

This is typically a client that wants to get into property investing for the first time or second, third, fourth, etc, but is unsure of what is the best strategy based on their situation. Once we have established the strategy the property search is clearly directed to deliver the best possible outcome, for this strategy.

Then comes the property search. Now dependent on the market timing, there could be the right deal that comes our way overnight or it may take a little or a lot longer. The timing comes secondary to getting to the right property. We won't rush a property through the door because you want it to happen yesterday. This is not our style. Locating the right property (options) is our first priority. Then we will take you through the process of discussing each property and how they work within your strategy and the potential challenges and opportunities that are ahead.

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As a first step, particularly if you are a first-time property investor, we encourage you to sign up to our daily property deals email. It is important that you start familiarising yourself with the property market - the types of properties and the markets - so you can become an informed property buyer. Work with experts is what we highly recommend, but don’t outsource the opportunity to gain your own knowledge and experience in the market.

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