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Until relatively recently, those familiar with Yanchep mostly knew it as an idyllic location for a weekend getaway. Its picturesque beaches, unspoilt bushland, and abundant wildlife made it a great place to reconnect with nature. The tight-knit local community also welcomed visitors warmly, actively encouraging them to enjoy the area’s many attractions.

Sitting around 56 km north of Perth’s CBD, Yanchep was also located just far enough away to feel like an escape. Driving from the centre of the city took almost an hour, which was considered too long for a daily commute. However, it was more than doable for a short break, or even a day trip.

This view has changed somewhat over recent years, with urban sprawl helping close the gap between Yanchep and the city. Transport connections have been strengthened, shortening travel times and bringing new investment to the area. Both buyers and renters are also increasingly focused on lifestyle, and targeting the area for a much longer stay.

The local landscape continues to be a major drawcard for those considering a move to the area. Yanchep National Park covers most of the suburb and is great for bushwalking, caving, and spotting wildlife. It is also home to the unique Yanchep Golf Club, the historic Yanchep Inn, and the thrilling Treetops Adventure Yanchep.

The suburb is equally well known for its picturesque coastline and pristine white sand beaches. Yanchep Lagoon is particularly popular, as the reef usually keeps waves low, providing the perfect conditions for swimming and snorkelling. The beach is also patrolled by the Yanchep SLSC and hosts a range of community events throughout the year.

Further adding to Yanchep’s appeal, residents also enjoy easy access to an impressive array of amenities. The suburb is home to a shopping centre with a large supermarket, specialist retail stores, and a selection of cafes. There is also a range of professional services, a medical centre, an aged care facility, and four schools located in the area.


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About the Yanchep Property Market

Traditional wisdom states that, generally speaking, the closer a property is to an urban centre, the greater its investment potential. However, as professional buyers agents, we know that the best opportunities are often found on the fringes of metropolitan areas. This is particularly true for popular lifestyle locations in identified expansion corridors that are experiencing significant development and growth.

Yanchep fits this bill perfectly, having been identified as a future satellite city in Directions 2031, WA’s metropolitan development plan. This has led to significant investment in key infrastructure projects, like road and rail link upgrades, improving the area’s liveability. The local population is also booming, having increased five-fold over the last couple of decades.

It is worth noting that, while Yanchep is geographically quite large, most development is concentrated in a small coastal area. However, this is changing, as ongoing land releases push the boundaries of this area further up the coast and inland. In addition to creating new investment opportunities, this is helping boost the value of established properties with easy water access.

Given the planned ongoing growth of the suburb, many new developments also offer strong capital growth potential. This is aided by the relative affordability of Yanchep, particularly compared to neighbouring areas that are closer to Perth’s CBD. It also means that homes in the suburb generally achieve quite healthy rental yields, with many comfortably exceeding 5%.

Alternatively, if you want to maximise your rental income, Armadale properties can achieve extremely impressive rental yields. This is partially due to the area’s relative affordability and partially due to the consistently strong demand for rentals. While all property types can achieve returns of 6% or more, apartments perform particularly well, with yields often exceeding 7%.

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Our Process

While expansion areas may be an obvious target for property investors, finding the ideal opportunity still takes skill. An experienced buyers advocate, like Search Party Property, can help with this, making sure you achieve the best possible returns. We can also manage every step of the process for you, from setting your strategy to negotiating the sale terms.

To do this, we first need to get to know you, your current financial situation, and your long-term investment goals. This will allow us to develop a detailed strategy, tailored to your unique requirements, motivations, and aspirations. It will also help us work out exactly what the perfect investment property looks like for you.

Once we know that, we can start the search, using data from a range of sources to assess investment potential. We will look at recent sales results and rental data to get a better sense of emerging market trends. We will also look at recent demographic changes and future development plans, and analyse the potential impact on property performance.

Based on this, we will narrow down the list of available investment opportunities and present you with the best options. We will then work with you to choose which property to pursue, arranging any additional reports or research you require. We will also coordinate the purchase for you, helping you draft your offer and representing you during negotiations.

Then, once the sale is final and contracts have been exchanged, we will guide you through getting the property leased. To make sure you continue building on your momentum, we will also support you to start planning your next steps. Whether your goal is to build serious wealth, or just supplement your current income, we can help you achieve it.

To find out more about the Search Party Property service, or the Yanchep property market, call us today.

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