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The state heritage listed Armadale District Hall, Perth, Western Australia

Buying Investment Property in Forrestfield

On the eastern outskirts of Perth is the suburb of Forrestfield. Split down the middle by Roe Highway, the area to the west is an industrial transportation hub that borders the Perth Airport. Over the other side of the highway, the suburb is largely residential. To the delight of many local residents, the eastern edge of Forrestfield encompasses beautiful, natural green spaces, including Whistlepipe Gully, Mundy Regional Park and Lesmurdie Falls National Park.

Prospective homeowners and tenants are likely to find the suburb’s array of amenities and services appealing. There are public and private educational institutions that cater to children throughout the age groups, including Dawson Park Primary School, Darling Range Sports College and Heritage College Perth. Access to higher education is a little more limited. The nearest TAFE campus is North Metropolitan TAFE Midland, and the local university is Curtin University which has campuses in Midland and Bentley. For healthcare there are a few medical clinics in Forrestfield and the closest major hospitals are Royal Perth Hospital and St John of God Midland.

Residents of Forrestfield can get practically anything they need for their daily needs without ever having to leave the community. The main shopping centre has multiple supermarkets and food outlets, as well as a pharmacy, post office and speciality stores. At the southern end of the suburb there is a huge sporting complex with a golf course, hockey oval, dog park, tennis courts, football oval, rugby field, indoor recreation centre, skate park, lawn bowls and cricket field. If you prefer just to be in nature there are many hiking paths, including Honey Road Pool, the Valley Loop Trailhead and Lesmurdie Brook Loop.


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About the Armadale Property Market

As a suburb, Forrestfield experienced rapid growth in the number of residents from the 1950’s through to the 1970’s, with the population reaching a relatively stable level from the early 1990’s through to now. The median house price remains relatively affordable, which is likely due to its location on the outskirts of the city and status as being an older, more established suburb. Property prices do vary throughout Forrestfield, with larger blocks or those overlooking green spaces generally being more valuable than those close to Roe Highway or Tonkin Highway.

It is possible to obtain insights into the key demographics interested in Forrestfield by looking through the Australian census statistics at the people who already call it home. There is a relatively even spread of age groups and most either own their home outright or with a mortgage, suggesting that it’s an area that attracts long term residents. There is also a decent percentage of renters, which can be a good sign if you’re looking to purchase an investment rental property.

The majority of Forrestfield’s population resides in houses with three or more bedrooms, with less than 1% being in a flat or apartment. There’s a huge variation in block size through the suburb. Towards Roe High many are around 400m² to 750m² but as you move towards the centre and southern areas that starts to increase to around 900m². Bordering the green spaces on the eastern side of Forrestfield there are a limited number of larger properties with a few acres of land. Having a larger block is attractive if you’d like to keep subdividing an option as a possible investment strategy.

Our Process

Due to its steady population, established infrastructure, proximity to green spaces and relative affordability, Forrestfield can provide some great opportunities for real estate investors. Our experienced buyers agents can help you identify those opportunities, and take advantage of them to grow your investment portfolio.

A key part of the property investment process is research and analysis. You need to know everything there is to know about the suburb, including the current buyer interest, planned developments and infrastructure age. You also need to do an analysis of market trends and predict how the local property market is expected to behave in future. This is a complicated process if you’re not familiar with it, which is why partnering with us can be a good move. Our buyers’ advocates can help you navigate the ins and outs of property investment, after all, they’re the experts.

Having a buyers advocate from Search Party Property on your side allows you to feel comfortable knowing that you have a trustworthy and knowledgeable person in your corner, whose sole concern is helping you. Contact Search Party Property today and let’s start working together on making your investment goals a reality.



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