Real Estate Investment Coaching Program

We created this program to save you time and provide specific guidance that relates to your individual situation.

We have all been down the path of attending property seminar after property seminar - and in some cases ending with a dash to the back of the room to grab the ‘today only, never to be seen again’ offer.

This program removes all the ‘smokes and mirrors’ around property investing success, taking you through a structured process with the vision to facilitate your property investing revenue stream.

Your Situation is Unique to You

This program will help you realise that there is no one strategy that fits all. Your situation is unique to you and your property investment strategy should be created in response to your current situation and future needs/aspirations. Hence the reason why you won’t ever see us asking you to run to the back of the room. It’s also the reason why we don’t as property buyers agent stick to one market and one product type.

We work across a number of different markets and products - that is, houses, dual homes, developments, units, house and land packages… for two very important reasons:
1. Everyone is different and has a different set of criteria
2. Each market and product works to a different property clock - and grouping all of your investments in one property clock can be very risky.

From the Ground Up

This real estate coaching program is for first-time investors who want to build an airtight property investment strategy from the ground up. The program has the set goal of you owning, or being on the way to own your first investment property by its conclusion.

The program takes you on the property investment journey through the following 10 key stages:
1. Current Situation
2. Personal & Investment Goal Setting
3. Mindset
4. Gap Analysis
5. Investment Strategy - Structure
6. Investment Strategy - Data
7. Investment Strategy - Plan
8. Action List
9. Property Search & Review
10. The Property Buying Process

Access to Knowledge and Network

You will also receive access to Search Party Property’s in-depth knowledge of the property and investment market when you sign-up for this property investment coach program.

Luke, Mark and Julian (from Search Party Property) combined have over 40 years of experience in property investing and also 40+ property investments.

They are well networked in the property investing industry. They have guided clients on a variety of different property investment strategies.

The Importance of Process

Now it’s all very nice to own a property investment, but if it’s a dog, then this eradicates all the work and the afterglow of becoming a property investor.

What we are saying is, property investing can make you wealthier if you choose the right strategy that works for you.

We encourage anyone that works with us to not get influenced emotionally by the outcome, i.e. I am now a property investor, but to learn the process and build a network that will surface them for the many years to come, as they continue to expand your property investment portfolio.

This is why we build in a topic on ‘mindset’ in this program. Your mindset plays a crucial role in the decisions you make and combined with taking you through the process of property investing, you will have the opportunity to challenge/balance your mindset with the market knowledge and data, and your own financials/numbers.

If you are interested in the program

This program is for people serious about learning about property investing and becoming a property investor. If you are interested in signing up to the property coaching program please complete your details below. We will then follow you up with a call to discuss the program and the expectations on both your side and our side. Then make the decision to proceed or to not proceed.

This is a 10 part program and requires a level of dedication from both of us - irrespective of the monetary transaction of this program - it’s important for us to work with someone this is truly committed.

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