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Residential area, Deception-Bay, Queensland, by Vanderven

Buying Investment Property in Deception Bay

North of Brisbane in the Moreton Bay area is the seaside suburb of Deception Bay. Named by an early settler who thought the bay was a river, it is a mixture of residential, commercial and protected land. On the western side is Freshwater National Park, just north is Burpengary Creek, south are the suburbs of North Lakes and Rothwell, and to the east are Moreton Bay and Moreton Island. It is approximately 32 km from the Brisbane CBD.

For families with children there are private and public schools located within the suburb, including Deception Bay State High School, Christ the King Primary School and a few flexible learning colleges. For higher education there are two University of the Sunshine Coast campuses and two TAFE Queensland’s campuses within a 20 minute drive. Medical care is easy to access with specialists and family medical centres in Deception Bay, as well as a number of private hospitals and the Redcliffe Hospital nearby.

Residents of Deception Bay enjoy easy access to a range of services and recreational activities. There are many outdoor spaces to explore and Deception Bay Sport Center, Progress Park and Ken Hayward Oval are home to sports clubs you can join. Gym lovers have a few options to choose from and there’s a local aquatic centre as well. Market Square Deception Bay is the main shopping centre and has supermarkets, a pharmacy, cafes, speciality stores and a pub. For boaters, there are a couple of boat ramps along the foreshore and a few marina’s just down the coast.


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About the Deception Bay Property Market

Initially a farming suburb, Deception Bay has been slowly and organically redeveloped into a thriving suburb. It gained a negative reputation during the 1980’s and 1990’s due to social issues in the local area, but this was resolved coming into the early 2000’s due to new development and changes in the population. Due to the different timings in development, the size of the blocks and age of the houses varies throughout the suburb.

Investigating the key demographics of a suburb can provide insight into who’s interested in living there and what might be drawing them in. There is a fairly evenly spread number of people among the different age groups which could indicate that there’s consistent interest in the suburb and that long held homes could come onto the market in the next few years as elderly residents look to move to somewhere with more support. While a majority of residents own their home either outright or with a mortgage, there’s still a significant number of renters which could provide opportunity for people looking to own an investment rental property.

As mentioned earlier, the block sizes vary in Deception Bay, as do the shapes. Despite this, an overwhelming majority of homes have three or more bedrooms, and there are very few flats or apartments. The location of the property within the suburb will have an impact on desirability and thus the price. Homes that overlook the bay or a park tend to be more valuable than those along the main arterial road, Deception Bay Road.

Residential area, Deception-Bay, Queensland, by Vanderven

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