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South Gippsland, Victoria, by Emin Başar Özdemir

Buying Investment Property in Gippsland

Over recent years, there has been a significant increase in people looking beyond the city for their next home. When they do, they are generally after a picturesque location, slower pace of life, and strong transport connections. Gippsland ticks all of these boxes – and people are starting to notice.

Making up a large section of south-eastern Victoria, Gippsland stretches from the edge of Greater Melbourne to the southern and eastern coasts. It is made up of five smaller local council areas – Baw Baw Shire, Latrobe City, Bass Coast Shire, South Gippsland Shire, Wellington Shire, and East Gippsland Shire. As such, it is a highly diverse area that features everything from rolling hills and sweeping coastlines to rainforests and snowfields.

Best known for its primary industries, Gippsland relies heavily on its unique landscape for its ongoing growth and success. Home to large deposits of brown coal, oil, and gas, the area produces the vast majority of Victoria’s power. It is also a major supplier of fresh produce, with dairy, beef, and vegetables being the region’s specialties.

Gippsland is also steadily becoming a hotspot for tourists, with visitors increasingly drawn in by the variety of activities on offer. The region is home to several internationally renowned destinations, like Phillip Island and Wilsons Promontory, and a multitude of national parks. It also has a thriving arts sector and gourmet food and wine scene, and regularly hosts cultural festivals and events.

In good news for families considering a move to the area, Gippsland also has strong education credentials. There are schools dotted throughout the region, with most major population centres offering both public and private options. There is also a Federation University campus and a regional TAFE, with branches located throughout the area.

But the biggest selling point for most potential residents has to be the lifestyle that the area offers. From hiking and bushwalking to skiing, surfing, and 4WDing, you can do it all in Gippsland. There are also buzzing regional centres, quaint country villages, and ample open space for residents and visitors to enjoy.


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About the Gippsland Property Market

Given the area is so large and diverse, the nature of the Gippsland property market varies greatly throughout the region. This is reflected in the type of properties available, the types of buyers they attract, and the prices they are willing to pay. As such, it pays to consult an expert, like an experienced buyers agent, when choosing where is best to invest.

For example, despite being one of the closest to Melbourne, the Latrobe area is generally Gippsland’s most affordable. This makes it particularly popular with first home buyers and young families who still want a reasonable (under 2 hours) commute into Melbourne. Several of Gippsland’s largest population centres are also located in Latrobe, including Traralgon, which is a hub for government and commercial services.

By contrast, the Wellington area generally has a slightly higher median price but offers the region’s strongest rental yields. As it is the largest town and administrative centre of the Wellington Shire, Sale usually attracts the most investor interest. However, there are several other smaller towns, like Maffra and Heyfield, that also have good investment potential.

Gippsland is now also a hot spot for holiday rentals, thanks to its growing reputation as a tourism destination. The Bass Coast has long been a target for this type of investment, particularly on and around Phillip Island. However, as this area has become more expensive, South Gippsland and East Gippsland have increasingly been seen as cost-effective alternatives.

South Gippsland, Victoria, by Emin Başar Özdemir

Our Process

If you are thinking about investing in Gippsland property, Search Party Property can help you find the perfect place. As leading buyers advocates, we understand the intricacies of the market and how to navigate such a complex and varied location. We also specialise in assisting investors of all experience levels to adopt a strategic approach to their portfolio growth.

We believe that to be effective, our service needs to be tailored to your unique goals and situation. That is why we start by getting to know who you are and what you are hoping to achieve. It is also why we develop a detailed plan that can be used to guide all your investment decisions.

We take great pride in our robust property identification and assessment process, which includes collecting and analysing data on:

  • Recent market performance and long-term price trends
  • Local rental market strength and future demand forecasts
  • Buyer profiles and notable demographic trends
  • Planned development and investment and its impact on liveability and amenity

This insight helps us to sort through the investment opportunities currently available and shortlist the most suitable options. It will also be shared with you, allowing you to do your own analysis and choose your preferred property.

Our experienced team are also skilled negotiators, who thrive on the challenge of securing the best possible deal. Once you have worked out which opportunity you want to pursue, we will assist you to put together your offer. We can also act on your behalf during any negotiations, including auctions, and keep you focused on the numbers.

Importantly, our whole approach is designed to help you build real wealth and achieve sustainable, long-term growth. We also have our Property Portfolio Accelerator Model, for those looking to quickly acquire multiple properties. For more information on this, or to discuss the Gippsland property market, Contact Search Party Property today.

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