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The fortunes of the Perth property market have long been considered inexorably linked to the state of the mining industry. But while this boom-and-bust cycle has helped shaped the city, the local economy is now much more complex and resilient. As a result, the city offers great investment potential, even when the resources sector is going through a downswing.

In fact, Perth has traditionally been seen as a good option when other domestic markets are slowing. Once considered the world’s most isolated city, its remote location helps insulate it against issues on the east coast. While this is great for investors, it also makes the market hard if you are not familiar with its movements.

This is where working with a professional buyers agent, like Search Party Property, can make a world of difference. By combining detailed research and analysis with local knowledge, we can help you find the best investment opportunities currently available. We can also assist you to develop tailored plans to optimise the performance of individual properties, and your whole portfolio.


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Luke and Julian each have over 20 years of property investment experience.

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About the Perth Property Market

Over the last couple of decades, Perth has developed a reputation for being counter-cyclical to the east coast capitals. Interestingly, the city also tends to buck international trends, with property prices often peaking during times of global economic turmoil. This is largely due to Perth’s unique location, lifestyle, and mix of economic opportunities.

These factors are a big part of Perth’s appeal and what ultimately drives it through its significant peaks and troughs. It is also what makes the market seem so unusual and unpredictable to those that are not familiar with it. However, to those in the know, it is clear that there is money to be made from property in Perth.

The obvious caveat here is that, when viewed over the longer term, median prices have not grown significantly since 2008. While this means that property in many areas remains relatively affordable, it highlights the importance of selecting investments carefully. It also helps explain why rental yields are so strong in many areas, as investors look to maximise their returns.

How we can help you

As experienced buyers advocates, we appreciate how complex, confusing, and stressful property investment can be. This is particularly true when you are looking to buy in a market you do not know well. That is why we are committed to making the process easier and more accessible to a wider range of people.

When you work with us, we will support you through your whole investment journey – from setting strategies to securing properties. As part of this, we will assess your current financial situation and recommend ways to position yourself for investment success. We will also work with you to define your goals and develop targeted plans to achieve them.

To help take the guesswork out of choosing where to invest, we will manage your property searches for you. We will do all of the research, pulling data on everything from recent market performance to planned infrastructure upgrades. We will also use our deep knowledge of the Perth property market to help you pick the best opportunity available. We will even guide you through doing your due diligence, arranging your finances, and putting together your offer. If required, we will also negotiate purchases on your behalf and plan any upgrades required to maximise your rental returns.


As property investment specialists, we take great pride in our ability to achieve great results for our clients. Whether you want to supplement your current income or secure your financial future, we can help you achieve your goals. We also take a lot of the effort and stress out of the process by managing most activities for you.

As investing is truly all about the numbers, we base all our advice on careful research. This helps us minimise the potential risks and maximise the potential returns of every property we purchase. It also gives us deep insight into the market and allows us to identify great opportunities others have missed.

How we are different

While there is no shortage of services designed to support property investors, Search Party Property’s approach remains unique. Over our 20+ years in the property investment game, we have seen first-hand what works and what does not. We have also seen how the best investors operate and learnt many of their secrets to success.

This has allowed us to develop targeted investment approaches that consistently deliver great results for our clients. It has also allowed us to tailor our services to suit a client’s unique situation and goals.

And for those looking to rapidly build a high-performing portfolio, our Property Portfolio Accelerator Model has proven particularly effective. In fact, using this system, many of our clients have managed to make multiple investments in just a couple of years.


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