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About 130 km south-west of Brisbane is the historic town of Warwick. Surrounded by the Darling Downs farming region, it has a strong connection to the agricultural industry and provides services to many of the surrounding farms. The Condamine River flows through the centre of town, connecting to the nearby Leslie Dam via Sandy Creek.

As a small regional hub, the residents of Warwick have access to a wider range of services and amenities than you might expect. There are multiple public and private schools that cater for children from early childhood until the end of highschool, including Warwick Central State School, St Mary’s School and Warwick Christian College. For higher education, people can attend the local TAFE Queensland Warwick Campus. In terms of healthcare, the town has a small regional hospital as well as family and specialist medical clinics. For shopping there’s a well sized mall with various stores including a department store, supermarket, specialty stores and pharmacity, as well as stand-alone chain stores like Bunnings.

Looking at recreational activities, there’s a lot on offer. Along the banks of the Condamine River there are walk paths, sports ovals and a skatepark, as well as a paddle trail up the river for canoers and kayakers. The town has almost every type of sports club you can imagine including bowls, rugby, football, hockey, boxing and gymnastics. There’s also a golf course, horse turf track, polo field and car racing track. At Leslie Dam, which is less than 15 minutes away, you can go sailing, boating and freshwater fishing.


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About the Warwick Property Market

In 1847 the NSW Government decided to develop a township in the area and in 1850 Warwick was founded. It experienced a strong growth period during the 1870s and has continued to grow slowly since then. Today it is the administrative centre of Southern Darling Downs and is home to around 15,000 people, a number that is holding relatively steady for now. Honing in on the property market, the urban area has around 5000 occupied dwellings. The values for these residential properties recovered post pandemic, but given its regional location Warwick remains a relatively affordable place to buy.

Taking a look at the Australian census data can give you a sense of who’s attracted to living in the town. There is a fairly even spread among age groups, suggesting a pattern of long term residency. Slightly more elderly people live in Warwick than the state and national percentage, possibly due to the various aged care services available that allow local residents and people from surrounding farmlands to stay in the area. In terms of house composition, there’s a significant number of lone or single person households. This could reflect a desire from younger people to strike out on their own by renting or buying a property.

Most people in Warwick live in a home they own outright. More are choosing to rent than buy with a mortgage, which is interesting to note if you’re considering adding a rental property to your investment portfolio. Houses with three or more bedrooms are most common, with the age of the house varying throughout town. Block sizes start at around 600m2 and most have a decent sized yard with a shed or outer dwelling. Swimming pools are a rare commodity.

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If you’re looking towards regional Queensland for your next property investment then there’s no reason why Warwick shouldn’t be on the list for consideration. A smart move to make next; find a knowledgeable and experienced buyers agent who can help you to identify and seize the best investment opportunity for your goals. Our agents can do just that.

At Search Party Property our buyers agents know how to conduct effective market research including analysing real estate trends, investigating upcoming developments to the community infrastructure, and predicting how property and rental prices will progress in future. If you’re unfamiliar with this process, it can be confusing, which is why working with us might be a wise decision. Since they are professionals, our buyers’ advocates can easily guide you through the complexities of investing in real estate.

Having Search Party Property on your side means you can relax knowing that you have an experienced and reliable individual on your team. All you need to do for us to get to work on realising your financial objectives, is to contact us today.


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