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Buying Investment Property in Eastern Suburbs - Sydney

As the name suggests, the Eastern Suburbs covers the area to the East and South-East of Sydney’s CBD. It is a mix of harbourside, coastal, and suburban locations, all with good proximity to the City. It is also known as an elite enclave, home to some of Sydney’s richest suburbs – and people.

As such, the Eastern Suburbs property market is very well regarded and extremely tightly held. It is also quite diverse, with established prestigious harbourside suburbs neighbouring more relaxed and youthful hotspots. There are also more traditional urban areas and some great examples of Victorian and other heritage architecture.

Whichever part of the Eastern Suburbs you look in, you will see that local properties are always in high demand. This can make it quite hard to secure an affordable investment. However, with a little persistence, and some careful research, there are always great opportunities to be found.


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About the Eastern Suburbs Property Market

For experienced buyers agents, the Eastern Suburbs property market is a bit of an enigma. In addition to being extremely varied, it has an unshakable appeal to many investors. Even when the broader market is relatively soft, interest in properties in the area remains strong.

This is because, in many ways, short-term market conditions do not matter in much of the Eastern Suburbs. In fact, some experts even say that growth is not the point of property in prestige suburbs (like Point Piper and Vaucluse). Here, the reputation of the address is worth much more than any capital gains the property may make.

With this in mind, there are some parts of the Eastern Suburbs property market that most savvy investors avoid. These areas are generally very popular with well-heeled homeowners and have median prices that run into the multi-millions. While properties in these areas can experience significant price growth, the scale of return struggles to stack up to surrounding suburbs.

For those considering investing in the Eastern Suburbs, most experts recommend more moderately priced areas, like Randwick and Mascot. While not as exclusive as other areas, they are equally popular, with demand usually significantly outstripping supply. This generally places upward pressure on sale prices and properties in these areas usually see fairly strong capital growth.

If you are looking for good rental yields, it is best to look at the younger, more vibrant coastal locations. Suburbs like Bondi and Bronte are perennially popular with students and young professionals, who are attracted to the local lifestyle. As a result, these areas provide many opportunities for solid returns, particularly for units, which are usually more affordable to buy.

Our Process

If you are interested in the Eastern Suburbs property market, a buyers advocate can help you find the best opportunities. Investments in this area need to be carefully considered and well researched. It is also important to not get seduced by the prestige of the address.

At Search Party Property, we help serious investors grow their portfolio. We work with people from a wide range of backgrounds and with varying levels of property knowledge. We believe everyone should be able to achieve their financial goals and love helping people build wealth through property investment.

Using our Property Portfolio Accelerator Model, you do not have to be a multi-millionaire or market expert to succeed. We focus on finding properties that suit your financial situation and have found great investments at almost every price point. We also support you to quickly move beyond your first investment and to continuing growing your portfolio – something most investors struggle with.

When you work with us, you will benefit from the full depth of our market insights. When looking for good investments, we look at much more than just the recent market growth and forecast trends. We draw on many different data sources to develop a clearer, more robust picture of each property’s potential.

We also provide our recommendations for getting the most from your investment. From any renovations required to the ideal hold (and sale) time, we will guide you through the whole investment process.

Whether you are a property novice, or an experienced investor looking for help finding new opportunities, Search Party Property can help. Contact our team today to discuss our approach and how it can help you help you reach your financial goals.


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