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Buying Investment Property on the Sunshine Coast

For decades, the Sunshine Coast has drawn in holidaymakers from all over the country. From the pristine beaches to the breathtaking national parks and lush countryside, the Sunshine Coast has something for every taste. However, things are changing for one of the Sunshine State’s most popular destinations.

Over the last few years, the Sunshine Coast has steadily transformed from holiday hotspot to a well-rounded regional community. While still as popular as ever with tourists, many are choosing to make a permanent move to this idyllic locale. And, given all that the region has to offer, it is easy to see why.

Underpinning this growth is significant and sustained infrastructure investment. The building of the Sunshine Coast University and University Hospital have brought new industries (and amenities) to the region. The extension of the Sunshine Coast Airport and the planned Sunshine Coast light rail project are improving local mobility. And the development of the Kawana Sports Precinct and revitalisation of the Maroochydore CBD have further improved the area’s liveability.

This, combined with the broader move to lifestyle locations, has made the Sunshine Coast property market one of Australia’s strongest. It has also firmly entrenched the area on most investors’ hit lists. This has made buying in the area quite tricky, with most properties attracting plenty of interest.


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About the Sunshine Coast Property Market

There is only one word to describe the Sunshine Coast property market – booming. Even within a state that is seeing strong performance almost across the board, the area is a standout.

Demand for property on the Sunshine Coast is being driven, in part, by significant population growth. This is placing upward pressure on property prices which, in 2020, experienced their largest annual jump in over a decade. In some locations, like popular Sunrise Beach, prices have increased by $200,000+ in as little as two months.

In fact, demand for properties is so great that many agents are having to actively seek out places to sell. This is happening right across the area and even properties in a poor condition or location are fetching top dollar. Unsurprisingly, this has led to multiple record-breaking sales, particularly around the perennially popular Noosa Heads area.

In addition to the amazing capital growth seen in many areas, Sunshine Coast investors are also enjoying healthy rental yields. Vacancy rates are at a 15-year low and most properties are attracting multiple applicants. This is helping drive up returns, as tenants offer over the appraised rate in an attempt to secure a place. While all of this may sound like the perfect conditions for investment, there is one word of caution. Buying in such a tight market can be a highly competitive process and it is easy to overspend. This is where a buyers advocate can help, keeping you focused on the numbers and helping you get the best possible deal.

Our Process

Finding a solid investment in a market as strong as the Sunshine Coast is all about doing your research. You need to look at the property’s past and the area’s future. You also need to consider who your likely tenant will be and what they expect from a rental property.

At Search Party Property, we understand that doing this kind of digging may not be your forte. However, we believe that this should not stop you from succeeding as a property investor. That’s why we do everything we can to streamline the process and take out the grunt work.

Our team of highly experienced buyers agents are experts in identifying great investments. They stay across the latest developments in the market and carefully consider each property as it comes available. They also take into account your situation and investment strategy to make sure any opportunity they share is suitable.

Importantly, we do not limit ourselves to a certain type of property or location. To us, it is the numbers that really matter, and we are always trying to spot the potentialothers miss. As such, we will look at both units and houses, move-in ready properties and fixer-uppers, blue-ribbon addresses and up-and-coming neighbourhoods. If there is an opportunity to be had, we will find it and share it with you.

So, if you are considering investing in the Sunshine Coast property market, give us a call. We will guide you through the whole process and help take the stress and guesswork out of your decisions. We can also help you secure the property and plan any updates required to maximise your returns.


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