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Over the last decade or so, clever marketing has managed to give South Australia a complete image overhaul. Previously pitched as the “festival state” and “gateway to the outback”, it is now considered a true luxury lifestyle location. And, given its stunning scenery, world-class food and wine scene, and high quality of life, this reputation is well deserved.

While recent marketing efforts have largely been designed to increase tourism, they have also piqued the interest of potential residents. This has seen South Australia become a more attractive option for both domestic and international migrants. The recent population increase has also been reinforced by a strengthening economy and burgeoning manufacturing, technology, and innovation sectors.

As some of the country’s most arid areas are located within South Australia, the state’s population is highly concentrated. In fact, over three-quarters (approximately 77%) of the roughly 1.8m residents live in the state’s capital, Adelaide. There are also several key regional centres, the largest being Mount Gambier, with a population of around 30,000.

Understandably, this has meant most of the state’s infrastructure upgrades and investments have been focused on the Greater Adelaide region. However, more recently, there has been an active effort to improve the amenities available right across the state. This has helped bolster interest in several key regional locations, improving both the liveability and commutability of these areas.


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About the South Australian Property Market

Despite being one of the country’s smaller property markets, South Australia is arguably one of the most complex. This is largely due to the significant difference in structure and performance of the metropolitan and regional areas.

Adelaide has traditionally stood out amongst the capital markets, providing some of the most stable and consistent results. Even during down periods, property in the city has tended to hold its value fairly well. It also has a strong record of delivering more reliable, if not often more modest, capital growth than other markets.

By contrast, as regional South Australia is made up of multiple smaller population centres, property performance can vary wildly. Market movements are generally quite localised and heavily influenced by the state of the local economy. This is particularly true for the more isolated centres located a significant distance from the capital.

That said, on the rental market side, performance tends to be far more uniform across the whole of the state. Demand usually outstrips supply in both Adelaide and the regional centres, creating significant competition and helping drive up prices. As a result, it is generally possible to achieve a healthy rental yield in most parts of the state.

Our Process

If you are new to the South Australian property market, Search Party Property can help you find the perfect investment. Our team of professional buyers agents know exactly what to look for in a great opportunity. They can also walk you through the whole process, from initial planning to settlement and beyond.

But, before we can get started, we need to understand who you are and what you want to achieve. To help with this, we will work with you to review your current financial situation and set your investment goals. We will also put together a tailored plan, to guide you through every step of your investment journey.

Once this is done, we can get to work on finding you the ideal addition to your property portfolio. As experienced buyers advocates, we believe careful market research and data analysis are key to identifying the best investment opportunities. That is why, when searching for properties for you, we will look at:

  • Recent market performance and trends in sale and rental volumes and prices
  • Population characteristics and how they are evolving
  • Current and planned infrastructure projects and how they will impact local life, both in the short and long term

Combining this with our own knowledge of the South Australian property market allows us to identify areas with strong investment potential. This helps us come up with a shortlist of the available properties that best suit your investment strategy. It also provides a framework for analysing each opportunity and choosing the right one for your situation and goals.

Then, if you choose to pursue one of the presented properties, we will work with you to secure it. This includes helping you do your due diligence and working with you to put together a competitive offer. We can also negotiate the purchase on your behalf, getting the deal done, while making sure the numbers still stack up.

To discuss our services further, or to arrange your free investor readiness assessment, give Search Party Property a call today.


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