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Buying Investment Property in Kangaroo Flat

Much like most other parts of the Bendigo region, Kangaroo Flat is rich in gold mining history. But while it has previously shared the fortunes of its neighbours, this area now stands firmly on its own.

A satellite town within the City of Greater Bendigo, Kangaroo Flat is located 5km southwest of Bendigo’s CBD. It also sits 140km northwest of the centre of Melbourne, on the “Melbourne side” of Bendigo city. This, combined with the town’s strong road and rail links, makes commuting into the capital quite easy from Kangaroo Flat.

That said, given the great array of amenities on offer in Kangaroo Flat, most residents do not need to travel far. Locals can easily access a range of retail outlets, with three shopping precincts providing everything from staples to specialty goods. There is also a strong hospitality sector, with a selection of cafes, restaurants, and pubs dotted throughout the town.

Dower Park, a large sports complex, caters to more active community members, with cricket, football, swimming, and bowls facilities available. Families in the area also benefit from having three primary schools, a secondary college, and a special school. And all this is situated in a picturesque bushland setting, with the local landscape dominated by parkland and walking trails.

Kangaroo Flat also offers a surprisingly strong sense of community for a town with a population of over 10,000. Most locals take great pride in where they live and actively look out for each other. This has made the area quite safe and very attractive to those looking to escape to a regional location.


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About the Kangaroo Flat Property Market

As one of the more affordable areas within Greater Bendigo, Kangaroo Flat has obvious investment potential. However, as the local housing stock is quite diverse, careful research is required to identify the best opportunities. This is where working with a property investment professional, like a buyer’s agent, can really help.

Affordability is a big part of Kangaroo Flat’s appeal, with house and unit prices comfortably below the broader region’s median. Historically, this has been a particular draw for first home buyers and young families, though the area’s demographics are broadening. This is mostly being driven by those relocating from the city who are looking to get more for their money.

Astute investors are starting to see this trend and the opportunities it creates and are generally targeting larger family homes. That said, units have also been quite popular over the last couple of years, with demand driving significant capital growth.

Importantly, Kangaroo Flat shows all the trademarks of a strong and stable rental market. The local rental population generally sits at around 25%, which should mean solid ongoing demand for rental properties. The area also tends to have a lower vacancy rate than most of the rest of Greater Bendigo.

As such, it is possible to achieve strong rental returns in Kangaroo Flat. Over the last couple of years, the median yield for properties in the area has sat comfortably above 4%. Units tend to perform even better, with some investors seeing returns of 5% and more.

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Our Process

As professional buyer’s advocates, we are committed to helping ordinary investors build wealth and achieve financial freedom through property. We also know that success as a property investor takes careful planning and plenty of research. But we understand that these are not everyone’s strengths.

That is why, when you work with us, we will walk you through the whole process. From setting your strategy to choosing your properties, and getting them set up and producing income, we do it all. We can even help you buy multiple properties in just a few years, using our unique Property Portfolio Accelerator model.

We believe there are always great investments to be found and are constantly monitoring the market for opportunities. As part of this, our dedicated team of property professionals and expert analysts pull data from multiple sources. This includes recent sales results, population and demographic data, and information on infrastructure upgrades and other development plans.

This allows us to target the properties that truly suit your financial situation and investment strategy. It also gives us the insight we need to help you secure the best possible deal on your preferred property. And it means that when it comes time to add to your portfolio again, we have opportunities ready to go.

Whether you are just starting your property investment journey, or need help growing your portfolio, Search Party Property can help. Contact us today to discuss your plans and arrange your free investor readiness assessment.

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