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Named in honour of Australian motoring legend, Sir Jack Brabham, Brabham is a suburban area located approximately 20 km north-east of the Perth CBD. Bordering the western edge is spacious Whiteman Park. The proximity of this recreation and conservation reserve is a huge advantage for people who enjoy being out in nature. It features walk trails, playgrounds, museums, a historic railway and the Caversham Wildlife Park. To the east of Brabham is the Swan Valley region, an area known for its wineries, breweries, restaurants and gourmet food producers.

Generally considered a growth region, Brabham already features a range of facilities and services that would appeal to many potential home owners or tenants. For families with children there are early learning centres, parks, playgrounds and the Brabham Primary School, which opened its doors in 2021. There are private schools available in some of the neighbouring suburbs as well as Ellenbrook Secondary College. For access to higher education the closest options are the North Metropolitan TAFE or Curtin University Midland Campus. Recreational facilities in the suburb continue to be developed but there are some well thought out parks and it’s only a few minutes drive to Ellenbrook, a well established hub.

In terms of medical care there are some facilities in Brabham including a medical centre and dentist. One of the closest hospitals is St John of God Midland, which offers public and private services to patients. Since Brabham is an area that’s growing and developing, residents receive the benefits of having relatively new infrastructure around.


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About the Brabham Property Market

Brabham is one of the key growth regions in the north-east metropolitan region of Perth so it’s predicted that the local population will continue to rise in coming years. Moving forward there are plans to further develop the residential housing estates, as well as increase the number of retail and commercial properties. Over time this will help to turn Brabham into a thriving suburb.

Based on data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics one of the key demographics in Brabham is families with younger children. It’s likely that this is due to the historical property prices, the current state of the property market and its proximity to services, schools, highways and established hubs including Ellenbroook and Midland. Investing in an area that’s appealing to young families can be beneficial as they tend to prioritise stability, either through a long term rental or by purchasing a family home. It’s also a bonus that the median weekly income of Brabham residents is higher than the national average.

Properties in Brabham tend to be newer than 2000 largely due to the fact that it’s a more recent housing development. The first homes were built on the Drumpellier Drive side while some of the newer sections can be found at the Avonlee Private Estate and Brabham Estate. The most common type of property is multi bedroom homes but there are also a reasonable number of smaller units and duplexes. As a result there’s variety in the block sizes, with many sitting at around 300-400 square metres. The dwellings tend to take up most of the block but the neighbourhood parks help compensate for the compact yards.

Brabham, Perth, Western Australia

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When choosing an investment property it’s essential that thorough and effective research is conducted on the location, market trends and economic viability, before taking the next step and committing to buy. If Brabham is somewhere that appeals to you then it’s a good idea to consult an expert who knows the market and can guide you through the process.

At Search Party Property, our experienced buyers agents have the right skills and knowledge to help you find property investment opportunities that match with your financial goals. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner looking to make your first investment, or someone working towards growing an existing portfolio, we can help you develop strategies to maximise returns, negotiate with sellers for the best deal, plan around potential problems and find solutions that minimise risk.

Our buyers agents can help take the stress out of real estate investment. From day one, you’ll know that you have a reliable expert at your side, who’s ready and able to help you make the next big step forward in growing your real estate investment portfolio. To discuss the Brabham property market further,contact us.

Brabham is near the wineries of Swan Valley, Perth, Western Australia (by JarrahTree)


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