We Buy Investment Properties

We keep our business and our focus very clear and simple. We buy investment properties. That’s it. We don’t offer finance, we don’t offer legal services, we don’t offer insurance. Those services are extremely important, but it’s not our game. Our game is to buy the best investment property for you and your current and future situation.

We don’t limit the investment properties we find to a select audience. As soon as a property comes to us, and we think it would be a good investment, we put it out there to potential investors - via social media and email.

We are pretty simple guys. We don’t buy into fanfare or any rigamarole, and that is how we have set up our business the way we have. Doing one thing, and doing it very well.

As experienced buyers agents, we have widespread knowledge of our market, and other markets. We also have a great team around us. What we mean by team, is the people we can tap into for advice and support, and vice versa.

Whether it’s customers or suppliers, we work for mutual benefit. From our perspective, everyone wins or no one wins.

How We Buy

We get up close and personal with the properties that we are buying for investors. That means, we have seen the inside and outside of every property. We don’t stop there. We speak to the neighbours, the local business. We conduct both online and offline research, analysing the past, present and future projections for the area and property type.

We do the due diligence, in respect to using the property tools available (RP Data, realestate.com, Council Town Planning documentation, Property Clock, etc), however, we would most definitely not rely on these in isolation. Being on the ground, looking at properties, is where you can clearly see ‘the cracks in the wall’, per se. We love data, but we won’t trust it wholeheartedly. It’s very important for us to get out there and see what’s under the covers. On paper is very different to ‘real life’.

We have very good relationships with a large number of real estate agents, which has been built up over time, by spending time, with them. Trust in this market is far from a commodity, more like a precious jewel, and is a big part of who we are, what we do and how we go about it.
We have a systematic approach to the steps involved in buying properties. We always encourage and work with clients to continually look at their current situation, as the market can change along with their investments and personal situation.

Where We Buy

We play to the market, and to your current and future aspirations. We don’t work one without the other. The property clock is a tool we are always looking at, knowledge that we encourage you to equip yourself with.

The main area we focus on is the East Coast of Australia. The states We drill down to specific regions/areas, once we have considered the market and your situation.

We are heavily buying in Queensland. This we believe has the most promising growth and affordability. We don’t see this changing for the next 3-5 years. In saying this, based on your current portfolio, this may or may not be the best next step for you, however we will address this accordingly.

We play the property game, but playing the ‘tax management’ game is also important. We are not accountants or financial planners, we can provide mentorship in this area, however, it’s vital that before making any decision you run it past your financial people. (This is something that you will hear us go on and on about).

What We Buy

We buy units, townhouses, house, house with granny flat, developments, commercial properties, new properties, off-the-plan:
Solid brick + tile four bedroom house in excellent condition, with patio. Close to both public and private schools. Close to public bus and easy highway access. Close to shops.

Dual home. Combined rental 7% yield. 3 + 2 Bedroom house. High growth area supported by strong infrastructure planning.

Long term tenants. 6.4% yield. 3 Bedroom house with double shed. Walk to schools, transport and local shops.

Recently renovated. Zoned for Townhouses. 3 bedroom house. Walk to schools, shops and transport. Rental income is $360 per week. Solid yielding property. Capital Growth. Potential for development with neighbouring property (Subject to Council approval).

Who We Buy For

Asset 2-100

Michael, building on his property portfolio in the effort to quit his 9-5 job in 5 years time.

Asset 3-100

Sean & Karine, Moved to Brisbane. Always missing out. Research lend them to SPP. Experience exceeded expectations.

Asset 4-100

John, Setting up himself and the family with cashflow properties for the future. 

Asset 5-100

Josh, Real Estate Agent, Sees the benefits of investing. On his way to to building a large portfolio.

Asset 6-100

Glenn & Nicole, Recently purchased their first investment property and now moving to the second investment.