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The state heritage listed Armadale District Hall, Perth, Western Australia

Buying Investment Property in Armadale

While many locations claim to have a rich history, few places are as defined by their past as Armadale. Since settlement, the area has gone through its ups and downs, lived many lives, and held wildly varying appeals. While some of these incarnations have tarnished the area’s reputation, all have made it the intriguing prospect it is today.

Armadale is located approximately 28 km from the Perth CBD, on the south-eastern edge of the city’s metropolitan area. Sitting within the Perth Hills, it is surrounded by natural beauty and is popular with weekenders escaping the urban grind. The surrounding area is also home to many boutique vineyards, orchards, distilleries, and cheesemakers, further adding to the tourist appeal.

Tourism has long been a major industry for Armadale, with many local attractions designed to bring visitors to the area. Among the most notable are Pioneer World and the Elizabethan Village, with their replicas of buildings from bygone eras. While both are now primarily quirky settings for retail stores and hospitality venues, they stand testament to Armadale’s former glory.

This is particularly poignant because, over the last few decades, Armadale’s image has taken a bit of a battering. Its location at the end of one of Perth’s major train lines and distinctly working class demographics defined its reputation. Many also worried about safety, particularly at night and around the schools, train station, and main shopping strip.

However, this view of Armadale is rapidly changing, largely thanks to the local Council’s significant investment in rejuvenation projects. This has included a major overhaul of the city centre, with over 100 new stores and improved public spaces. There has also been a strong focus on creating local employment opportunities, allowing residents to work where they live.

Complementing this, Armadale also offers multiple primary, secondary, and trade schools; several international standard sports facilities; and ample green spaces. Sitting comfortably within Perth’s commuter belt, at the junction of two major highways, the area also enjoys easy CBD access. So, while this is still a way to go, Armadale clearly has all the makings of a quality lifestyle location.


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About the Armadale Property Market

Locations like Armadale tick a lot of the boxes for buyers agents and other property investment experts. It is an emerging area, with a strengthening economy, and a lot of the amenities buyers and renters look for. Previous perception issues also mean it remains relatively affordable, particularly given its proximity to Perth’s CBD.

Armadale is also an identified expansion zone and one of the fastest growing regional centres in the state. Creating greater diversity in property types is a key focus of the expansion plans, helping boost both affordability and sustainability. This means many different living situations will be catered for, with everything from small apartments to large semi-rural lots available.

As a result, the Armadale property market truly has something for everyone, with options to suit every investment strategy. For example, there are many new developments located throughout the area, most of which have significant capital growth potential. Local land values are also broadly trending upward, creating opportunities to add value to existing properties.

Alternatively, if you want to maximise your rental income, Armadale properties can achieve extremely impressive rental yields. This is partially due to the area’s relative affordability and partially due to the consistently strong demand for rentals. While all property types can achieve returns of 6% or more, apartments perform particularly well, with yields often exceeding 7%.

The state heritage listed Armadale District Hall, Perth, Western Australia

Our Process

Given the long-term projections for the Armadale property market, it is difficult to make a bad investment in the area. That being said, finding the best opportunities still takes skill, expertise, and insight into local activities and developments. This is where working with a professional buyer advocate, like Search Party Property, can really help.

When you work with us, the first thing we will do is get to know you and your goals. This allows us to tailor our service to your unique requirements and to develop a detailed investment strategy. It also helps us to define exactly what we should be looking for in an investment property for you.

Using these criteria as a guide, our experienced research team will scour the market for the best options available. As part of this, they will look at recent market activity, emerging demographic trends, and relevant local investment plans. This insight will then be used to analyse the investment potential of individual opportunities and shortlist the most suitable.

From there, all you need to do is pick your preferred property, which we can help with, if you require. Once you do, we will organise all the standard reports and make sure everything checks out. If it does, we will manage the purchase process for you, representing you during negotiations or bidding on your behalf.

What happens after that really depends on your investment strategy and how big you want your portfolio to be. Whatever the next step is, we will be there to support you and keep you focused on your goals. For more information on our services and how we can help you on your investment journey, contact Search Party Property today.

The City of Armadale Council Chambers‎, Perth, Western Australia.


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