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Buying Investment Property in Logan

Logan is considered by many to be one of Queensland’s best kept secrets.

Sitting a mere 45 minutes from the centre of Brisbane, and just an hour from the Gold Coast, it is ideally located. It is also very well connected to public transport, with local and intercity options readily available. There has also been significant Government investment in the area, improving local amenities and creating many new local employment opportunities.

Despite all of this, Logan has simply not been on many people’s radars. But this is changing – and fast.

Logan has long been popular with first home buyers, who see it as an affordable alternative to its better-known neighbours. Now, a wider variety of buyers are warming to its appeal and looking to relocate to the area. From students studying locally to families looking for more space, Logan is drawing in a range of new residents.

This is being matched by strong investor interest, particularly from interstate. In fact, properties are often being bought sight unseen, with many investing based solely on the potential returns. While this can be a risky move, it can also pay significant dividends for those that do their research.

With this in mind, if you are considering investing in the Logan property market, it is important to get to know the area. To help you with this, here is our take on the area and what to expect from an investment there.

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Luke and Julian each have over 20 years of property investment experience.

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    About the Logan Property Market

    Professional buyers agents love areas like Logan. Not only is property affordable, there is strong demand for rentals, and healthy potential growth in most locations. This means that most investors should be able to find a suitable opportunity and achieve great rental yields.

    Importantly, Logan is currently undergoing significant population growth. This is expected to continue for at least the next decade and should see prices continue to increase. It also means that there will be ongoing demand for properties in the area.

    It is also worth noting that the Logan property market is dominated by standalone homes. While this could be an issue for some investors, the affordability of property in the area provides plenty of opportunities. Whether you buy a readymade rental, or a property with major growth potential with a little work, there are options.

    While most parts of Logan City are currently performing quite well, some are doing better than others. For example, Logan Central is one of the more affordable suburbs to buy in and provides a median rental yield of almost 6%. Alternatively, Logan Reserve has seen some of the strongest growth figures in the area, while still offering rental yields pushing 5%.

    Our Process

    While you almost cannot go wrong investing in the Logan property market, getting the most for your money takes skill. This is where a professional buyers advocate can make a massive difference.

    At Search Party Property, we specialise in finding the best investment opportunities. We analyse data from multiple sources to get a real picture of the local market. We also consider everything from local demographics and recent sale results, to emerging trends and planned development works.

    All of this means we are able to see things that others cannot. This could be an area that is about to take off or a property with hidden potential. Either way, it puts us in the prime position to secure you the highest performing properties.

    We also have a strong focus on helping our clients achieve their investment goals. We know that this usually means acquiring more than one property, which is where our Portfolio Accelerator Model comes in.This will help you to develop the knowledge and experience required to keep your investment growing.

    As part of this, we will work with you to define your investment goals and develop a fit-for-purpose investment plan. Once we have this, we can get to work on finding you your investment properties. We will guide you through this process, doing all the hard work for you, and helping you to make the best decisions.

    So, if you are serious about securing your financial future through property investment, we are here to help. The Search Party Property team are passionate about real estate and will take the stress out of managing your investments. Call us today to discuss your goals and how we can help you achieve them.


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