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In Melbourne, many of the suburbs that are now seen as extremely exclusive have quite humble histories – but not Brighton. Since first being surveyed and opened for development in the 1840s, Brighton has attracted wealthy residents with grand plans. Given everything this area offers, it is to see why it has long been popular with residents and visitors alike.

Part of the City of Bayside, Brighton sits approximately 11km southeast of the centre of Melbourne. This enviable location, close to both the CBD and Port Phillip Bay, underpins much of the area’s appeal. It also significantly shapes the suburb’s character, which is equal parts relaxed beachfront village and high-end urban hot spot.

As you would expect from such a sought-after waterfront locale, Brighton’s beaches are central to a lot of local life. Considered to be some of the best in Melbourne, they offer pristine sands and impressive views of the city skyline. They are also home to several significant tourist attractions, including the vibrant Brighton beach boxes and Royal Brighton Yacht Club.

While the Brighton coastline is widely loved, it is particularly popular with fitness fanatics and sports enthusiasts. Here you can walk along the Bay Trail, cycle down Beach Rd, or join the Icebergers for a morning swim. Brighton Beach is also a mecca for Melbourne’s kitesurfing community, with dedicated access lanes, and equipment and lessons available nearby.

Those that prefer a slower pace of life are also well served in Brighton, especially along the ever-popular Church St. Here, boutique retail spaces sit alongside buzzing cafes and restaurants, specialty produce providers, and a multi-screen cinema. Many of the surrounding streets also feature carefully curated collections of small local stores selling clothing, gifts, and homewares.

Brighton also has excellent educational credentials, with multiple leading private and public schools located in and around the suburb. Residents also enjoy an easy commute into the city, supported by four local train stations (all on the Sandringham line). The area is also serviced by a tram line, multiple bus routes, and two major arterial roads.


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About the Brighton Property Market

Brighton is well known for being home to some of Melbourne’s wealthiest residents and many of its most impressive properties. It also consistently ranks among the city’s most expensive suburbs, both for property sales and rentals. While this would generally be a big red flag for most investors, the situation is a little different with Brighton.

Given the area’s reputation, and the lifestyle and amenities it offers, demand for properties in Brighton is consistently strong. At the same time, vacant land is extremely limited, meaning there are minimal opportunities for new development. This helps protect the value of existing properties and increases the potential for capital growth when the market is strong.

That being said, the high cost of entry means investing in the Brighton property market is not for everyone. As such, it is important to do your research and carefully consider your current situation, future goals, and investment strategy. This is where working with a property investment expert, like a professional buyers agent, can really help.

As a general rule, if you are primarily focused on capital growth, the Brighton property market could be suitable. This is particularly true if you are willing to consider an older property and commit to upgrading or extending it. Proximity to the water is also important as renovated homes with easy beach access will almost always attract a premium.

Alternatively, if you are looking to maximise your rental returns, it may be better to focus your search further inland. As purchase prices tend to be lower, rental yields tend to be higher in areas set back from the beach. Similarly, townhouses are usually cheaper to buy and can achieve comparable rents to standalone houses, so often offer higher yields.

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Our Process

If you are considering investing in the Brighton property market and need some support, Search Party Property can help. Our team of experienced buyers advocates specialise in helping everyday investors achieve financial freedom through property. We are also experts in navigating the property market and can manage every step of the investment process for you.

To do this, we first need to get a clear picture of who you are and what you are after. As such, our first meeting will be focused on understanding your current financial situation, motivations, and future plans. We will also help you to set some investment goals and develop a detailed strategy to achieve them.

Using this insight as a guide, we will then begin searching for the most suitable investment opportunities available. In doing this, our dedicated research team will carefully analyse recent market data and identify emerging trends. They will also assess demographic changes and local development plans, to get a full picture of each property’s investment potential.

Based on this, we will put together a shortlist of the best opportunities, which we will present to you. To help you pick which property to pursue, we will also provide you with detailed commentary on each option. We can also arrange building and pest inspections, to make sure you know exactly what you are signing up for.

Once you have chosen your preferred property, we will do our best to secure it for you. Depending on the situation, this could include helping you prepare your offer, or representing you during negotiations or an auction. All going well, the property will be yours and we will guide you through getting it rented and producing income.

From there, it is all a matter of staying focused, maintaining your momentum, and continuing to build your portfolio. Our Property Portfolio Accelerator Model can help with this by providing a framework for rapid, but sustainable, portfolio growth. To find out more about this unique approach, or investing in the Brighton property market, contact Search Party Property today.

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